Choose the Timeline That Works for You

To earn an MBA from Ashland, you’ll need to complete ten courses for a total of 30 credit hours — but the pace of your degree is entirely up to you. Ashland’s courses are offered across three terms — fall, spring, and summer. Each term is split into two eight-week sessions. Depending on the pathway you choose, you might take one or two courses per session or take certain sessions off to accommodate personal and professional commitments.

Not sure what your life will look like in six months? You can always adjust your course load if your needs change.


12 months

You will take four courses per semester in this one-year program. Your schedule can be customized with your personal MBA Advisor.

The accelerated program is offered online and in person in Columbus.


18 months

You will take two courses per semester in this program, making it easier to manage other demands on your time. Your personal MBA Advisor will work with you to create a schedule that fits into your busy life.

Complete your MBA from anywhere with our online courses, or take some or all of your courses in person in Columbus.

Build Your Analytics Toolkit

The three required classes in the management information systems specialization’ expand on core MBA coursework and teach you to conduct and apply advanced analysis.

Understand and Apply Business Data

Through courses in data analytics, business analytics and business intelligence, you’ll learn to manage databases, model data and work with SQL and enterprise analytics tools. You’ll also use statistical and inferential analysis. From the start, you’ll apply that learning directly through hands-on projects using real-world data.

Model Better Decisions

Learn how to use optimization and simulation models to make better decisions across the enterprise in areas ranging from production to accounting. Develop and apply your own models and dive into case studies to gain practical experience with common industry tools.

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MBA Specializations

Have a specific career goal in mind? Choose from 12+ MBA specialization options that pair core MBA coursework with industry-specific classes, or design your own focus area with help from our faculty.

Careers for Business Analytics MBA Graduates

A specialization in business analytics can prepare you for rewarding analytical roles or add a new perspective to leadership positions.

Business Intelligence Analyst
Business Intelligence Analyst

Today’s corporations have huge quantities of data at their disposal. Business intelligence analysts use technology to parse that data, identify key trends and insights and make recommendations to improve business outcomes.

Operations Research Analyst
Operations Research Analyst

Operations research analysts help organizations make smart, data-driven decisions using quantitative models and analytical tools. In addition to analysis, this role requires strong research and presentation skills.

Market Research Analyst
Market Research Analyst

Businesses need to understand their customers to create products and services that resonate. Market research analysts collect and analyze data on customers, competitors and market conditions.

C. Troy Ross

“I was lacking in some of the higher-level business strategic thinking and training. The MBA at Ashland was integral in providing me with that training. Ashland offers the accelerated program, and I was willing to do more work over a shorter period of time. I definitely think AU helped me add more structure to my leadership style and added a project management mindset to it.”

C. Troy Ross
Chief Operating Officer, ACRT Services