Choose the Timeline That Works for You

To earn an MBA from Ashland, you’ll need to complete ten courses for a total of 30 credit hours — but the pace of your degree is entirely up to you. Ashland’s courses are offered across three terms — fall, spring, and summer. Each term is split into two eight-week sessions. Depending on the pathway you choose, you might take one or two courses per session or take certain sessions off to accommodate personal and professional commitments.

Not sure what your life will look like in six months? You can always adjust your course load if your needs change.


12 months

You will take four courses per semester in this one-year program. Your schedule can be customized with your personal MBA Advisor.

The accelerated program is offered online and in person in Columbus.


18 months

You will take two courses per semester in this program, making it easier to manage other demands on your time. Your personal MBA Advisor will work with you to create a schedule that fits into your busy life.

Complete your MBA from anywhere with our online courses, or take some or all of your courses in person in Columbus.

Build Your HR Toolkit

This specialization includes three advanced courses that expand on core MBA coursework to prepare you to take on the HR challenges of today and tomorrow.

Fundamentals of Human Resource Management (required)

Explore common issues managers and employees face with text readings, case studies, experiential exercises and more. You’ll learn to evaluate and improve human resources practices by integrating the latest theory and research.

Elective Human Resources Courses

Choose from courses on labor relations and collective bargaining, training and development, and compensation and benefits to dive deeper into your areas of interest and develop in-demand skills that will set you apart.

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MBA Specializations

Have a specific career goal in mind? Choose from 12+ MBA specialization options that pair core MBA coursework with industry-specific classes, or design your own focus area with help from our faculty.

Careers for HR MBA Graduates

A human resource management MBA can prepare you for leadership roles in any industry or organization.

Compensation and Benefits Manager
Human Resource Manager

HR managers and executives are the connective tissue that ties an organization’s leaders and employees together. They set and implement HR strategy, lead teams and ensure that the company’s workforce has the ability to meet corporate goals.

Human Resources Manager
Compensation and Benefits Manager

A cost-effective but competitive compensation and benefits strategy is essential to attract and retain top talent while protecting an organization’s financial health. Compensation and benefits managers set companies’ pay structures, prepare budgets and work with outside benefits vendors.

Training and Development Manager
Training and Development Manager

As technology and skills evolve, it’s essential to keep employees up-to-date. Training and development managers design and deliver learning programs that keep companies at the forefront of their industries.

Shari Thomas

“I decided to enroll in the MBA program specifically because of the program’s flexibility and support of a work/life balance. As a mother of two young children and working full time, I intentionally chose to attend one course each semester for four consecutive years. Ashland University solidified my educational foundation and helped project me into a successful and satisfying business career. I would definitely recommend getting an MBA from AU for individuals who want a quality education that offers flexibility while balancing their work/life environment.”

Shari Thomas
Inaugural Chief Diversity Officer, U.S. Small Business Administration