Choose the Timeline That Works for You

To earn an MBA from Ashland, you’ll need to complete ten courses for a total of 30 credit hours — but the pace of your degree is entirely up to you. Ashland’s courses are offered across three terms — fall, spring, and summer. Each term is split into two eight-week sessions. Depending on the pathway you choose, you might take one or two courses per session or take certain sessions off to accommodate personal and professional commitments.

Not sure what your life will look like in six months? You can always adjust your course load if your needs change.


12 months

You will take four courses per semester in this one-year program. Your schedule can be customized with your personal MBA Advisor.

The accelerated program is offered online and in person in Columbus.


18 months

You will take two courses per semester in this program, making it easier to manage other demands on your time. Your personal MBA Advisor will work with you to create a schedule that fits into your busy life.

Complete your MBA from anywhere with our online courses, or take some or all of your courses in person in Columbus.

Develop Breadth and Depth of Knowledge

The specialization’s three required classes build on core MBA coursework to deliver a unified learning experience tailored to the healthcare industry.

Understand the Healthcare Organization

First, you’ll dive deep into the United States healthcare landscape to understand how the complex interplay between government regulations, insurance companies, hospital systems and care providers shapes the industry.

Manage and Improve the Healthcare Organization

Additional courses apply strategic business principles to the healthcare environment. Learn how to apply managerial finance techniques to address operational problems and use business analytics, informatics, strategic planning and more to improve outcomes for organizations and patients.

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MBA Specializations

Have a specific career goal in mind? Choose from 12+ MBA specialization options that pair core MBA coursework with industry-specific classes, or design your own focus area with help from our faculty.

Careers for Healthcare MBA Graduates

A healthcare MBA opens up a wide range of opportunities across the industry.

Healthcare Executive
Healthcare Executive

Healthcare executives may manage a clinic, a hospital department or an entire healthcare system. Their responsibilities can include developing and implementing strategic plans, ensuring regulatory compliance and setting budgets.

Healthcare Consultant
Healthcare Consultant

Healthcare consultants contract with hospitals or other organizations to address challenges, streamline processes and promote quality improvement.

Pharmaceutical Brand Manager
Pharmaceutical Brand Manager

Pharmaceutical brand managers help identify patient needs, develop products and launch and run marketing plans for new drugs or medical devices.

Ambur Banner

“My MBA gave me the education I needed to fill in the gaps of the work I was already doing, but it also helped other leaders recognize my value – not only as a social worker, but a seasoned business leader bringing a unique skill set to a public-health setting. My MBA gives me a competitive advantage. The curriculum is challenging and I valued that in my program. Ashland made everything else as easy as possible, but they make sure you leave with the best education. When you finish, you’ll know you’re prepared to go far.”

Ambur Banner
Acting Director, Unified Government Public Health Department, Kansas City