Center for Academic Support

The Center for Academic Support is dedicated to providing a welcoming & collaborative environment that inspires students to grow as independent life-long learners who seek to ethically engage in a diverse world.

The Center for Academic Support Staff
The Center for Academic Support is designed to be a central location where students can come to get answers to questions related to scheduling, accommodations or accessibility, homesickness, roommate  troubles, tutoring and advising.  

Additionally, the Center for Academic Support coordinates the University’s student success and retention strategies.  The Center strives to administer proactive strategies to make the transition to college life easier and initiates early interventions to ensure student success.  The emphasis is on the student’s social, personal and academic adjustments to college.
The Center for Academic Support is located on the seventh floor of the library.  Departments in the center include:
  • Professional Academic Advising
  • Tutoring and Learning Services
  • Disability Services
  • First-year Programs

Ronald Mickler, Jr.

Director of Academic Support

7th Floor of the Library