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Meal To Go – A Change of Pace

A group of students on the meal plan can turn in their valid ID's for a meal to go, picnic or spaghetti dinner at no charge. You can pick up a request form from the Student Dining Production Manager. All requests must be accompanied by the Meal Pick Up Contract Form and placed five days prior to the event. All valid ID numbers must be turned in two days prior to the event using this signature sheet for pickup orders.


What is Equivalency?

Students can use a meal swipe to eat at any of our retail locations for a value of $7.35 per transaction. Locations include Eagles' nest, Tuffy's Smoothie Bar, Schar Cafe, Catering, Concessions, COBE Café and Conard Café (located on the Mansfield College of Nursing Campus). 

Meal Plan Options 2022/2023

All AU meal plans are for one semester only and meals do not carry over from semester to semester or year to year. There is no refund on unused swipes on any of the meal plans including when students are placed in quarantine or isolation.

Gold Plan $2,885

Unlimited Meals in the student dining hall plus $275 Dining Dollars which can be used to purchase guest meals in the dining hall or used as cash at any of the retail locations on campus. The benefit of this plan allows you to take family and friends to the dining hall while experiencing tremendous saving over the door price.

Purple Plan $2,610

(Mandatory for freshman unless upgraded to the Gold Plan)

Unlimited meals in the student dining hall located in the John C. Meyers Convocation center. Students may come and go as many times as they want. You will never run out of meals! The dining hall offers late night dining which makes this plan an excellent value.

Eagle Plan - $2,610

This plan gives the student 240 meals to be spread throughout the semester. Meals swipes can be used at the student dining hall or used as equivalency at any of our retail locations which include the Eagles Nest, Tuffy Smoothie Bar, Schar Café, COBE Cafe, Concessions and Catering.

Tuffy Plan - $1050

(For Commuter Students and Campus Apartments)

Students receive 80 meals to be used in the dining hall or used for equivalency at the Eagles’ Nest, Tuffy’s Smoothie Bar, Schar Café and concessions. If you run out of meals additional 20 meal blocks can  be purchased for $240 or 10 meal blocks for $125

How to Change Your Meal Plan

Meal plans can be changed by contacting Marty Penwell ( or Fred Geib (
Note: Meal plans cannot be changed after the first two weeks of each semester.

Contact Information

Faculty/Staff Meal Plan information

Marty Penwell

Fred Geib