Financial Aid Forms

Miscellaneous financial aid forms

Below you will find a list of financial aid forms you may need to access  while applying for and maintaining your financial aid as an Ashland University student.

**If a form asks for a password prior to opening, the password is 123.**

  • Authorization to Release Financial Aid Records and Information
    The purpose of this form is to allow the Financial Aid Office to discuss your financial aid information with your spouse, parents or anyone else you designate. The authorization can be changed or canceled at any time by written notice to the Financial Aid Office.
  • 2017-18 Special Conditions Form For Independent Students
    The Special Conditions Form is available to families whose current financial situation differs significantly from the financial data submitted on the most recent FAFSA due to extraordinary circumstances such as unemployment, divorce, large medical expenses, etc. Appropriate documentation of the condition must be submitted with the form and the Financial Aid Office must be notified if the financial situation improves during the year.

Please contact the Financial Aid Office if you have any questions regarding how to fill out the above forms, or for any assistance during the financial aid process.