Forms needed to complete student employment process

Please do not complete any paperwork until you have been offered a position on campus. If you are eligible for the Federal Work Study program, a Federal Work Study Work Authorization Form will be placed in your on-campus mailbox or mailed to your home address in August. If you have not received one, you will need to pick one up from the Financial Aid Office located at 310 Founders Hall. If you are hired as a regular student employee, please contact your supervisor for the Regular Student Employee Work Authorization Form.

To have your paychecks directly deposited to your bank account complete the Direct Deposit Form.

Returning Student Workers need only to complete the student portion of a Work Authorization form for each job held, then obtain supervisor signature and return it to Human Resources, 106 Founders.

Instructions for Students from Ohio

Students that reside in the State of Ohio will select and complete all of the forms below. Please read through the instructions carefully. Complete the information in the appropriate fields for each form. (Use your proper name as it appears on your social security card. You will also use your home address, not your college address on all forms.)

Print each form and sign (only print page 4 of the I-9 and page 1 of the W-4).

For the State of Ohio form please refer to the document Ohio Public School District. Once you locate your county, school district and your school number you will record the information in the fields marked Public School District of Residence and School District Number.

When all forms have been completed, printed and signed; give them to a staff member of Human Resources located in 106 Founders with your original forms of identification for I-9 verification. (Acceptable forms of identification are listed on page 5 of the I-9 form.) The Work Authorization form must be completed in full by the supervisor as well as the student.


Students from the states of Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania and West Virginia, will read all directions above, select and complete all of the forms under the section “for Students from Ohio” in addition to the form below.


Students that do not have their primary residence in the State of Ohio will read all directions above, select and complete all of the forms under the section “for Students from Ohio.”

For the State of Ohio form you do not need to complete the fields for Public School District of Residence or School District No.



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