Graduate and Seminary Writing Consultations

Ashland University’s Graduate Writing Center offers email and face-to-face writing consultations for graduate and seminary students. We track all of our appointments using the WCOnline scheduler. The first time that a student uses WCO, he/she will need to register fo an account; after the first log in, the student's information will be accessible by WCO. To register for an account, please visit

The majority of graduate and seminary students prefer online appointments, but face-to-face appointments are available as well. Information for scheduling either type of appointment can be found below. Note: at this time, all of our online appointments are conducted asynchronously via email.

Click here for a visual "How to sign up for a Writing Center Appointment". Click here for a video of "How to sign up for a Writing Center Appointment."

For online appointments:

Visit and log into Writing Center Online to book an appointment.

At the login page, be sure to select the ONLINE and GRADUATE schedule for the current semester from the drop down menu. Click on one of the white spaces to make an appointment. You will need to select a half hour or hour long appointment. Once you click “Save Appointment,” you will be directed to a screen that will allow you to upload your paper for review.

A Graduate Writing Assistant (GWA) will review your work and usually return it within 48 hours. Because our GWAs do not work over the weekends, if you turn your paper in at the end of the week, it will not be returned until the following week. It is always wise to book your appointment with plenty of time before it is due to ensure time for us to review it and you to complete any needed revisions.

Please make note of the following policies:

  • At this time, all of our online appointments are conducted asynchronously via email.

  • GWAs will only review one paper per appointment. If you have multiple papers you would like to have reviewed, you will need to make a separate appointment for each paper.

  • The appointment duration you select (30 min or 60 min) will determine how much time the GWA spends reviewing your paper. The GWA will communicate with you if they were unable to review the entire paper in the time allotted.   

For face-to-face appointments:

If you would like to schedule a face-to-face appointment, please call 419.289.5957 or email A Graduate Writing Assistant will get in touch as soon as possible to schedule the appointment.

Face to face appointments can be particularly helpful for students who need help understanding their assignment or who are in the pre-writing or drafting stages of writing.

Please note that face-to-face appointments are currently only available on the Ashland campus.

About Graduate and Seminary Writing Consultations:

What we can do:

  • Provide constructive feedback on your ideas, outlines and drafts

  • Provide help with improving organization and structure

  • Provide feedback to improve word flow, clarity, readability

  • Provide feedback on APA or other formal style guidelines, including in-text citation and documentation

  • Provide feedback on grammar and punctuation errors

What we cannot do:

  • GWAs cannot "fix" or correct errors--they can identify them and point you to resources for help

  • GWAs cannot be content experts in your discipline. GWAs are masters-qualified experts in writing. If you provide an assignment guide, GWAs can let you know if you seem to have met the basic requirements; however, they cannot tell you whether you have gotten your content "right." Consult your professor for help with that.

  • GWAs cannot write your work for you or serve as editors/proofreaders. They are here for your guidance and support only.

  • Be available at the last minute, if you have not completed your work early enough to get feedback in a timely manner.

Graduate students must book appointments through the ONLINE and GRADUATE schedule. Graduate students who would like to use the undergraduate writing center services must receive permission from the Director  or Associate Director prior to using these services by emailing


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