Honors Program Requirements

To remain a member of the Honors Program, an Honors student must complete one Honors core course by the end of his/her first year in the Honors Program, three Honors core courses by the end of his/her second year in the Honors Program, be enrolled in HON 310 during his/her junior year and be working on the Honors Capstone Project during his/her senior year.

Transfer students and Ashland University students who enter the Honors Program after the first semester of their freshman year are not required to take HON 101.  Students who begin the Honors Program with sophomore status at Ashland University (due to post-secondary, transfer or Ashland University credits) will only be required to complete Honors designated core courses from three areas. 

There is an Honors Program Course Requirements Checklist to help you track your progress.

In order to remain in the Honors Program, students must maintain an overall GPA at Ashland University of at least 3.3 during their freshmen year, 3.4 during their sophomore year and 3.5 during their junior and senior years.  If the GPA drops below this standard, the student will be placed on probationary status if he/she can meet the standard by the end of the subsequent semester; otherwise, the student will be dismissed from the Honors Program.  A student on probationary status who does not raise his/her cumulative GPA to meet the standard by the end of the subsequent semester will be dismissed from the Honors Program.  Students who are dismissed from the Honors Program may reapply to the Honors Program if they raise their overall GPA to a 3.5.  Students must meet the 3.5 standard at the time of graduation.

An Honors course taken with an S/U option will not count towards fulfilling Honors program curricular requirements (except for HON 310).  Note: an Honors class taken with an S/U option will count towards completing a category of the core curriculum, but it will not count as one of the required Honors designated core courses.

Additionally, Honors students are required to attend four events each year - the Honors Retreat, the Fall Honors Lecture, the Spring Honors Lecture and the Academic Honors Convocation.  Failure to attend these events may result in dismissal from the Honors Program.

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