Vision Information

Ashland University's vision provider is VSP.

link to VSP Vision Care Website"A plan with VSP keeps you and your eyes healthy. Plus, you'll get a great value on your eyecare and eyewear."

At Ashland University VSP means:

  • Value and savings.
  • Great benefits on your exam and eyewear at an affordable price.
  • Personalized care.
  • Quality care that focuses on your eyes and overall wellness with a WellVision Exam® from a VSP doctor.
  • VSP doctors will thoroughly check for vision problems and signs of other health conditions.

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Want to know what your savings are? Download your VSP vision benefit summary (PDF).


Laser Vision Care Participating Facilities Is laser surgery right for me? Visit Get details about the program. Learn what to expect during surgery. Locate a VSP Laser VisionCare doctor. Confirm your eligibility. Before scheduling an appointment, sign on to or call VSP at 800.877.7195. Call your VSP Laser VisionCare doctor. Verify that they participate in the program. Schedule a complimentary screening. If you decide to have laser vision correction, your VSP Laser VisionCare doctor will make arrangements with an approved laser surgeon and center and provide your preoperative care. Postoperative care is coordinated between your VSP Laser VisionCare doctor and your VSP laser surgeon. VSP Discounted Pricing You’ll save an average 15 percent off the regular price or 5 percent off the promotional price from participating facilities — which could add up to hundreds of dollars in savings. VSP’s Laser VisionCare Program is Unique You’ll have peace of mind knowing VSP’s doctors and laser centers meet stringent quality standards. Plus, the assurance that your trusted VSP Laser VisionCare doctor will manage your laser vision correction care.  The laser vision correction screening and consultation with your VSP Laser VisionCare doctor are complimentary. If you have a preoperative exam and don’t proceed with the surgery, your VSP doctor may charge an exam fee up to $100.  The VSP Laser VisionCare Program is a discount plan only. Discounts only apply to services received from a VSP participating laser center. No monetary benefits are payable to members under this program.


As many as 24,000 people with diabetes lose their eyesight to diabetic eye disease each year. You can have diabetic eye disease and not know it. Many times people with diabetes aren’t aware they have diabetic eye disease. That’s because in the early stages there usually aren’t any symptoms. Even people with good vision can suffer from diabetic eye disease. Often symptoms don’t appear until damage has already occurred. Annual eye exams help prevent diabetes-related vision loss. An annual dilated eye exam is important if you have diabetes. It gives your eye doctor a better view inside your eyes to look for vision problems and signs of diabetes, as well as other health conditions too. In fact, 90 percent of diabetes-related blindness can be prevented when patients receive an annual eye exam. Are you at risk for diabetes? Check out these leading risks for diabetes: Overweight or obesity Physical inactivity Family history of diabetes People of African American, Hispanic, Native American, Asian and Pacific Islander ethnicities; Women who had diabetes during pregnancy or had a baby weighing more than nine pounds; People with low HDL cholesterol or high triglycerides

Prevent this from happening to you. See your eye doctor for an annual dilated eye exam. Find a VSP doctor at or by calling 800.877.7195.  Centers for Disease Control, American Diabetes Association


Your Primary EyeCare benefit provides medical and urgent care that goes beyond your regular VSP® Vision Care benefits: Treatment for eye pain or conditions like pink eye Tests to diagnose sudden vision changes Pictures of your eyes to detect medical conditions like glaucoma and identify abrasions, growths or other eye abnormalities Exams to monitor cataracts You can visit your VSP doctor as often as needed, for a small copay. Plus, you don’t need a referral. And if your doctor finds that you need to see a specialist, they’ll consult and coordinate with your primary care physician. With VSP, you get personalized eyecare from a doctor you can trust. Your VSP doctor takes the time to get to know you and your eyes, keeping you healthy year after year. It’s easy to use your Primary EyeCare benefit. Find the right VSP doctor for you. You’ll find plenty to choose from at or by calling 800.877.7195. Already have a VSP doctor? Make an appointment and tell them you have VSP.

Information provided by VSP.