Google Cloud Printing

Google Cloud Printing

Google Cloud Printing allows you to print any document on Google Drive to any cloud printing enabled Ashland printer from your personal device, all you need is to scan a single QR code on your personal device!

  • You must have either logged in to PaperCut ( while on campus, or tried to print normally from a campus computer.
  • You must have enough prints for the entire print job on your account.
  • The device you are trying to print from MUST be signed in with your AU email account.
  • You must have added the Cloud Printers to your AU email account. You can add these by scanning the below QR code or by using the sharable link.
  • You must be printing from either Google Drive or Google Chrome.
  • Once you have added the cloud printers to your account, you can cloud print from any eligible device as long as you are signed in with your Ashland Gmail account.

Available Google Cloud Printers                                

** Each printer has document with links posted

You can download a copy of FAQ's below

Google Cloud Find Me Printing FAQs.pdf