Past Programs and Events


Martin Luther King Day 

Donald Miller, Professor Emeritus at Bethany Theological Seminary 

Understanding Our Gun Culture Conference

Keynote Speaker Dr. Randolph Roth, The Ohio State University


Welcome Johnny and Jane Home - Veterans Listening Project

Dr. Paula Caplan, Harvard University DuBois Institute

Our Fires Still Burn Film Screening 

Film Producer Audrey Geyer 

Restorative Justice - Bring our Best Selves Forward

Dr. Judy Mullet, Eastern Mennonite University

Martin Luther King Day 

Rev. Marvin, McMickle, Ph.D., Colgate Rochester Crozer Divinity School

Sports and Violence Conference

Keynote Speaker Joe Ehrmann


Rev. Dr. C.T. Vivian spoke on Martin Luther King Day


Can We Prevent War? 

John Mueller,  Woody Hayes Chair of National Security Studies at the Mershon Center for International Security Studies, OSU

Michael Shank, Director of Foreign Policies, Friends Committee on National Legislation

Bridget Moix, Research Fellow, Genocide Prevention Program, School for Conflict Analysis and Resolution, George Mason University

Shall We Drone On?

Dr. Craig Hovey, Ashland Center for Nonviolence

Dr. Michael Schwartz, Department of History/Ashbrook Program


Code Red: The Cost of FEAR

John Mueller, professor of political science at The Ohio State University 

War is NOT Inevitable 

Paul K. Chappell, 2002 West Point graduate and seven year Army Veteran 

Food, Farms and Community

Christopher Norman, Executive Director of Crown Point Ecology Center in Bath, Ohio


Advocating for Systemic Change

Lorenza Andrade Smith

Peace is Possible: Shifting from War Making to War Prevention

Bridget Moix, Foreign Policy Consultant at Friends Committee on National Legislation 


Turning Away from Hate

T.J. Leyden, former White Supremacist and Recruiter, current Social Diversity Advocate

Creating a Caring Community in These Hard Times Spring Symposium Events Our Shared Community: Hopes and Choices

Frances Strickland, First Lady of Ohio

Community Based Mediation, A Model for Resolving Disputes

Shelly Whalen, Executive Director of Community Mediation Services of Central Ohio

The Amish Model of a Caring Community

Atlee Raber, member of Holmes County Amish community

Bridges Out of Poverty: A National Model Working Locally

Panel led by Carolyn Basista, Director of Bridges Out of Poverty in Wooster, OH

Financial Literacy and Shared Resources: A Non-Profit Model

Jennifer Paramore, Educational Services and Solutions for Directions Credit Union


Restorative Practices for Families and Schools Through Community Building and Anti-Bullying Initiatives

Nancy Riestenberg, Prevention Specialist, Minnesota Department of Education
Cindy Zwicky, Program Facilitator, Minneapolis Public Schools

Nonviolence in the Christian Scriptures

Dale Stoffer, Professor of New Testament, Ashland Theological Seminary

Non-Angry Responses to Anger

David Ross, Director of Planning and Evaluation at the Mental Health and Recovery Board of Ashland County

Nonviolent Family Relationships
Deb Spandikow, Director of Ashland Parenting Plus


Bess Klassen-Landis and a representative from Ohioans To Stop Executions

Short presentation and songs from Bess about how the murder of her mother shaped her opinions on forgiveness and the death penalty.

Mike & Judy White, Discussion on Israel/Palestine Conflict

Short film & discussion; best way to contact legislators. Please contact ACN if you are interested in obtaining any handouts.

Sister Helen Prejean, Author of Dead Man Walking

Sister Prejean spoke at Ashland University in connection with a performance of the play based on her book.

Artist Lecture: Lou Jones

An author and photographer, Lou presented a lecture drawing from his book, Final Exposure: Portraits from Death Row. Art events coordinated by Cynthia Petry.

Art Exhibition: Prognosis of Death

A collection of artists from Chicago to Paris exhibit their interpretations of the death penalty.

Invisible Children

For the past 22 years, Northern Uganda has not seen peace. Invisible Children is working to change that. Invisible Children improves the quality of life for war-affected children by providing access to quality education, enhanced learning environments and innovative economic opportunities for the community.

Prosecutorial Perspective on the Penalty of Death

Speaker Robert P. DeSanto is the former Ashland County Prosecutor.

The Ohio Innocence Project

Melinda Elkins, whose husband was wrongfully convicted of the brutal murder of her mother and rape of her niece, gave a lecture detailing the seven years in which she fought for - and eventually achieved - justice. Coordinated by Mike Barrett.

Can Justice Repair the Harm?

Howard Zehr, Professor of Restorative Justice, Eastern Mennonite University

Restoring Relationships: A Workshop for the Helping Professions

Howard Zehr, Professor of Restorative Justice, Eastern Mennonite University. The workshop was open to the general public, but especially designed for counselors, social workers, pastors, probation officers, and others in the legal and helping professions.
Israel and Palestine: Personal Reflections on Hope and Hopelessness

Speakers Mike and Judy White were part of a 23-member multi-national Peacemaker’s Delegation sponsored by the American Friends Service Committee and the Interfaith Peace Builders. The delegation spent slightly more than two weeks on a cultural and educational tour of Palestine and Israel in early December 2007.


Freedom Isn't Free - The Nonviolent War on Terror in Mississippi, 1963-1967

Speakers George and Louise Smith, former workers for CORE (Congress of Racial Equality), were civil rights activists who worked in Meridian, Mississippi.

Ashland Center for Nonviolence Open House

The Ashland Center for Nonviolence celebrated its formal affiliation with Ashland University on Saturday, October 13.

The Power of Forgiveness

Understanding the Amish Response to the Nickel Mines School Shootings with a speaker from the Amish community
Tuesday, February 20

Forgiveness Teachings and Practices in Islam

Isam Zaiem, Chairman of the Cleveland branch of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. CAIR is America's largest Islamic civil liberties group, with regional offices nationwide and in Canada.

Peace in Ourselves; Peace in the World - The Power of Forgiveness

Gayle L. Reed, Forgiveness Recovery Program
Thursday, March 22
Resolving Anger, Restoring Hope: A Workshop about Forgiveness for the Helping Professions

Gayle L. Reed, Forgiveness Recovery Program
Friday, March 23
Integrating Forgiveness into a Counseling Practice

Gayle L. Reed, Forgiveness Recovery Program
Friday, March 23
Resolving Anger, Restoring Hope: The Power of Forgiveness in Daily Life

Gayle L. Reed, Forgiveness Recovery Program
Saturday, March 24

Gayle Reed is an RN and Licensed Counselor who holds a Ph.D. in Educational Psychology. She has been active in counseling, research and teaching involving forgiveness.


Connecting Faith, Politics and Action

A symposium with Jim Wallis

More information about Wallis’ work to overcome poverty, AA Covenant for a New America

Prophetic Advocacy 101

A workshop about confronting poverty in our communities - Co-Sponsored by Wooster Area Interfaith Partnership Faith into Action
Local people motivated by faith to confront poverty and related social issues

Focus on Reconciliation in the Season for Nonviolence
  • In a world focused on revenge and violence, how does reconciliation come about?
  • How do people move from the desire for revenge to the desire to live and work together?
  • How do people decide to work together even though they have not resolved all their differences?
  • How do people decide to work together even though they do not have closure, even though “others are getting away with something”?
  • How do we move from seeing the others as a group to be feared and hated to seeing the individuals of the group, some of whom are to be loved and some of whom are to be feared?
  • What do we lose when we give up our hatred?
  • Reconciliation — is that what we mean by “closure”?
Telling Truth and Creating Reconciliation Experience in South Africa

Andres Fourier, Barbara Lehman, Daniel Lehman
An Evening of Gospel Song and Personal Reflection

One Church Gospel Choir
Can the Political Process Redeem Religious Failure, Northern Ireland

Becky Fulmer


Nonviolence as a Way of Life

Yolanda King
Higher Ground Productions
Workshop in Nonviolence - Changing Ourselves, Our Relationships, and Our Society

Cleveland Nonviolence Network
Listening Through the Hatred, part of Against Indifference, a Symposium on Terrorism

Religious Interfaith Council for Peace in the Middle East


Nonviolence in a Violent World

Arun Gandhi
M. K. Gandhi Institute for Nonviolence
Peace Patrol at Taft School

Jan Rinehart, Professional Instructor, Ashland University
Workshop on Parenting

Deb Spandikow, Director of Ashland Parenting Plus
Christian Peacemaking Teams

Jim Satterwhite, Professor Political Sciences, Bluffton University