david west
Dr. David West
Assistant Professor of History
117, Andrews Hall
Dr. David West
Assistant Professor of History


  • Joined Ashland University faculty in 2018 and serves as assistant professor of History and Political Science, teaching courses i Latin and in the history, political thought, and literature of the Greek, Roman, and medieval worlds
  • Research focuses on rhetoric and political thought in Cicero and the Roman historians and students with a special interest in the ancient world or in the influence of the Classics on the American political tradition are encouraged to consult about pursuing a Minor in Classical Civilization
  • has delivered papers on Cicero, Livy, and Plutarch at the annual meeting of the Society for Classical Studies
  • Currently revising articles on the case for political involvement in a Ciceronian speech, the character of elites and the Roman people in Livy, and the marriage of Odysseus and Penelope in Homer
  • Also preparing a book manuscript on the motives, means and ends of political engagement that Cicero advances in his speeches, rhetorical theory, letters, and political philosophy


Boston University, Ph.D. and M.A.
University of Dallas, M.A. and B.A.