Dr. Mancha

Dr. Louis Mancha

Chair, Department of Philosophy
Associate Professor of Philosophy
Center for the Humanities of Bixler Hall
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  • Joined Ashland University faculty in 2003 and serves as chair of the Department of Philosophy
  • Has taught 13 different courses, four of which have variable preparations (Phil 208, Phil 204, Phil 350 (Science as a Cultural Force, an interdisciplinary course which is team taught with a member of the science faculty) and Phil 450: Great Philosophers)
  • Specializes in medieval and early modern philosophy and philosophy of religion
  • Has delivered papers at several national and state conferences, including meetings of the American Catholic Philosophical Association, the Society of Christian Philosophers, the American Maritain Society, the Midwest Conference in Medieval Philosophy and the Ohio Philosophical Association

"The word 'educate' comes from the Latin infinitive, educare, which means primarily 'to lead or draw out.'  To educate a person is thus not to give them some skills for a job (though it may do that), but to draw something out of them.  What educators attempt to do is challenge their students--to draw out of their discipuli (those who 'discipline themselves') the right kinds of judgments and the right kinds of choices--so they may become the best version of themselves.  A true educator helps his/her student to become a better human being.  This is a basic and necessary aspect of human flourishing.  This is what Philosophy is all about, and this is what I try to do for my students, each and every day."


Purdue University, Ph.D.
Purdue University, M.A.
Rice University, B.A.

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It's one thing to make a living, and another to learn how to live well...The study of Philosophy can help you to do both.

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