Integrated Mathematics Education

This major combines our exceptional math and education programs and prepares students to become excellent secondary math teachers. Students are mentored in their academic preparation by highly respected educators and gain hands-on experience in the classroom.

After all, Ashland University offers not only an exceptional math program, but also an educational program that is recognized throughout the country as one of the leading teacher preparation programs in Ohio. When you undertake an integrated mathematics education major you can expect to spend approximately half of your study in the field of mathematics and half learning the art of classroom teaching. You get into the classroom as early as your freshman year to observe and assist, and become more involved each year, ultimately undertaking your student teaching experience your senior year. When you graduate, you will be ready to confidently and competently bring mathematics to life for the next generation of students.

What You’ll Love About the Integrated Mathematics Program:

  • Because of the caliber of education delivered by our education department, the program is nationally recognized for excellence.

  • You have lots of opportunities to participate in activities and get to know your professors well.

  • Professors in both your education and math courses are exceptionally strong classroom teachers as well as highly respected professionals in their fields.

  • Math facilities include a wide range of computer applications to aid you in classroom assignments and problem solving.

  • Students are the #1 priority to faculty members who enjoy mentoring students in their projects and research.

  • You will have an opportunity to be active in the state and national Mathematical Association of America, presenting papers and attending conferences.

  • You will begin observing in the classroom as early as your freshman year, gradually increasing your involvement each year, which is an enormous boost to your confidence and strength as a teacher.

  • Professors regularly present professional development workshops for elementary, middle grade and high school teachers in the area of mathematics

Bachelor of Science in Education

Integrated Math Grades 7-12

2018-2019 Initial Licensure Requirements