The mathematics curriculum is designed to prepare students for graduate school and industry. You may not be aware of the variety of career opportunities that are available to mathematics majors. As a mathematics major at Ashland University, you will develop strong problem solving skills, analytical skills and a proficiency with handling numbers that will make you an attractive employee to many companies. A recent study found that the average starting salary of mathematics majors is higher than the starting salaries of business, communication, advertising and accounting majors. Our mathematics graduates have gone into industry in areas such as actuarial science, statistics, operations research, engineering, medicine, economics, financial services and many other fields.

What You’ll Love About the Mathematics Program:

  • Unlike mathematics programs in large universities where you are no more than a face in a crowd, at Ashland you get to know each of your professors well and benefit from their knowledge of mathematics.

  • You will have many opportunities to participate actively in class and to get to know your professors well. Your professors have earned multiple awards for excellence in teaching, a testimony to their exceptional classroom skills and the strong mentoring relationships they develop with students.

  • All classes are taught exclusively by our mathematics professors and not by graduate students or teaching assistants.

  • You have many opportunities to participate in mathematics challenges and contests such as mathematics competitions and activities made available through the Ohio Section of the Mathematical Association of America (MAA).

  • Both students and faculty actively participate in the national MAA as well as in the Ohio Section of the organization, attending conferences and presenting papers and workshops.

  • You have full access to the extensive computer resources within the department’s technology center including a variety of hardware running Linux, Solaris, MacOS and Windows operating systems. The resources also include computer algebra systems, statistical and geometric software and other applications that will facilitate your learning.

  • Professors are excellent classroom educators who mentor students both in and out of the classroom through problem solving challenges and in-depth discussions of math topics.

The department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers majors in actuarial science, computer science, mathematics and integrated mathematics (i.e. secondary mathematics education). When you... Read More