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Entrepreneurship Major DEPARTMENT

Dr. Robert Stoll, Chair
Dauch College of Business & Economics
401 College Ave.
Ashland, OH 44805

2013-2014 Academic Year

2014-2015 Academic Year

2015-2016 Academic Year

2016-2017 Academic Year

2017-2018 Academic Year

2018-2019 Academic Year

Dr. Daniel Sullivan
Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
217 , Richard E. and Sandra J. Dauch College of Business and Economics
419.207.5567 /

Entrepreneurship Program
Preparing You to Launch

Are you an ambitious risk-taker or a serious self-starter passionate about bringing your business ideas to life? If so, the Entrepreneurship program at Ashland University is for you.

This program teaches you how to recognize opportunities in the marketplace, create successful business plans, and foster the collaboration skills needed to attract investors for a successful startup.

What to Expect in the Entrepreneurship Program

Entrepreneurs face an array of challenges when launching new ventures. The Entrepreneurship program at Ashland University provides you with the skills needed to meet these challenges to ensure a successful business. And since many entrepreneurial startups are family owned, you’ll learn about the issues and challenges associated with family business for a customized student experience.

Entrepreneurship Program Benefits

The Entrepreneurship program provides you with a unique and comprehensive academic education that emphasizes experiential learning and equips you with the tools and resources needed to pursue your own start-up venture.

Other program benefits include:

  • An interdisciplinary faculty well-versed in all business industries
  • Learn in small class sizes with individualized attention
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills through internships, competitions, student groups, and campus-wide events
  • Compete and create your own business plan in the AU ideaLabs Competition

Core Curriculum

Your entrepreneurial journey at Ashland University will begin with a curriculum focused on providing you with a solid foundation in business fundamentals (Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Management, and Economics). This foundation is used to reinforce the key aspects entrepreneurship and is followed by an in-depth study of entrepreneurial tactics and strategies to further you along in your future career.

Other sample courses include:

  • Intro to Entrepreneurship
  • Intro to Management
  • New Venture Creation
  • Venture Capital Financing

Student Involvement

Entrepreneurship Major Career Outlook

Average Career Salary

While entrepreneurs typically look to equity growth and a sense of accomplishment as their primary compensation, our graduates with an entrepreneurship major have a skill set that prepares them for a variety of jobs with an average salary of $70,000.

Anticipated Career Growth

According to the Kauffman Foundation, the nation’s leading source for economic research for Entrepreneurship:

  • Entrepreneurship education increases the probability of a student being involved in a new business venture by 25 percent over a non-entrepreneurship graduate.
  • Similarly, entrepreneurship graduates on average are three times more likely to be self employed than general business graduates.

Recent Employers of Entrepreneurship Graduates

  • Armstrong Air Inc.
  • Avis
  • Bankers Systems Company
  • Key Corp
  • MTD Products
  • Signal Bank, NA
  • Spring Anthem Casualty Insurance
  • Wells Fargo Company

Career Opportunities

  • Entrepreneur
  • Family Business Owner
  • Consultant & Business Advisor
  • Focus Group Analyst
  • Franchise Owner
  • Inventor
  • Patent Attorney
  • Small Business Owner
  • Solutions Manager
  • Strategic Development Officer
  • Venture Capitalist
  • Manufacturer Executive

Co-ed Sports

Co-ed Sports