Burton D. Morgan Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

morgan center


To ignite the entrepreneurial spirit of the students, Faculty, University, Alumni and greater Ashland community.


The Morgan Center 

  • Engages Students through the expertise, support, education and connections they need to become effective entrepreneurs

  • Celebrates  entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship and to make them both aspirational for the students, faculty and staff, alumni, community and region.  

  • Engages all AU students, across all schools, across all disciplines.

    • To integrate the concepts of entrepreneurship into all academic disciplines at Ashland  through curricular and extra-curricular activities to reach all students

    • To engage every student to discover their true passion and to develop the mindset, skills and knowledge necessary to achieve their goals

    • To provide an vehicle for students to develop leadership skills through a variety of on- and off-campus activities to enable them to take the initiative to implement the chosen solution

    • To open the eyes of students to see themselves as entrepreneurs who can add value to their communities and profit from their passions.

  • Engages AU faculty with the opportunity to participate in entrepreneurial activities

    • To keep them engaged in Ashland University and improve job satisfaction

    • To provide outlets to let them grow their interests and passions

    • To build opportunities for them for additional revenue

    • To provide additional opportunities to work with and engage students

    • To provide opportunities to engage with Alumni and the Broader Ashland Community

  • Engages alumni with the opportunity to engage in entrepreneurial activities

    • To build their own business and passions

    • To mentor students and faculty

    • To stay connected to Ashland University

    • To connect with future employees

    • To dare to dream

  • Engages the greater Ashland Community to grow its economy through entrepreneurship

    • To build a strong community

    • To build a vibrant community that will be engaging for students, faculty and staff

    • To engage the region’s entrepreneurial culture and to grow that culture

    • To connect the Region to the University as a place for education and as a resource for their businesses and their families

Programs that the Morgan Center Works With:

The Morgan Center is home to the SBDC, Small Business Development Center,

The Ohio Small Business Development Centers Network is the premier technical assistance program for Ohio’s small businesses. The network is provided through a partnership between the Ohio Development Services Agency, the U.S. Small Business Administration and selected Ohio chambers of commerce, colleges and universities, and economic development agencies. Today, these federal, state, and local partnerships contribute more than $10 million in cash and resources to the support of small business development in Ohio. The Small Business Development Center Program of Ohio (SBDC) program is funded in part through a cooperative agreement with the U.S. Small Business.

There are a number of advantages to housing the SBDC at AU, including providing student with experience in assisting to provide services in the SBDC; linking the business community closer to AU and to have the regional businesses view AU as a resources; and, provide additional meaningful experience for AU faculty to help the support the program, further linking them to the regional business community where they can be seen as resources. There are 28 funded SBDCs throughout Ohio staffed by highly trained, Certified Business Advisors®. Centers provide no-cost, confidential, in-depth, one-on-one counseling for businesses that will or currently employ under 500 employees. Additional services include training, e-counseling, quality-based assessments, technical assistance, loan packaging guidance, and information on federal, state, and local regulations and programs

Braintree Business Development Center - Ashland Location

The Braintree Business Development Center is a non-profit regional entrepreneurial assistance organization (often called a business incubator) supporting small businesses in Northeast Ohio, particularly Mansfield and Canton. Since 1986 over one hundred start-up companies have found their first home with us. We focus on advanced manufacturing, alternative energy, information technology, bioscience, and agtech.  Ashland Student interact with Braintree Clients to provide support.  Braintree is also the home of student business launched by Ashland Students.


TEHL Talks bring to the Ashland Campus leading entrepreneurs, business leaders, business organization leaders, educators, authors and journalists, and alumni for a bi-weekly educational event. Sessions are held in the early evening. The program will begin with the speaker making a short presentation.  That will be followed by a discussion with a moderator (and that will be followed by audience questions.  The programs will last between 60 to 75 minutes.  When appropriate a group of students and/or faculty will be invited to a private meeting with the speaker.

The Burton D. Morgan Lecture

Brings internationally known entrepreneurs to campus to lecture and meet with students.  The Annual event attracts business leaders from around Ohio who join with students and faculty to learn from a significant leader.

Eagle VC

Eagle VC Fund will be a critical Center program that provides a source of cash to accepted student/alumni business ventures. The Fund will provide AU business teams the opportunity to apply for modest, early stage seed funding. This supports critical activities such as: building out a Proof of Concept, prototype development/refinement, beta testing of the product/service, obtaining customer feedback to assist in improvements, and other appropriate early stage activities.

Eagle Consulting

A consulting practice that fosters experiential learning, for students, and faculty, and faculty expertise to provide solutions for clients.

Eagle Consulting  provides the following services to clients:

  • Market Analysis & Marketing Strategy  

  • Operations, Logistics & Supply Chain

  • Customer Development, Satisfaction, Retention

  • Human Capital

  • Financial Analysis and Planning

  • Marketing and Branding

  • Data Analytics

  • Strategic Business Planning

  • Business Plan Writing

  • Information Technology


    Students who participate in Eagle Consulting will be both undergraduate and graduate students from across the Ashland student body.  Students who participate will gain valuable experience enabling them to apply classroom learning to solve real business problems.  In doing so, they will add valuable solutions to the clients of Eagle Consulting.  With this valuable experience student will have a leg up on employment opportunities following graduation.


Faculty Spotlight

Dr. Raymond Jacobs
Joined Ashland University faculty in 1990 Currently serves as chair of the MBA program and is responsible for assessment and accreditation reporting in the Dauch...Read more