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District Level Administration: School Superintendent License

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School Superintendent License

Sealing Your Future as a Superintendent

Are you an Ohio school administrator who wants to gain additional knowledge and skills in order to become an effective school district leader? Our post-master’s School Superintendent Licensure program is for you.

What to Expect

This program builds on your completed coursework from your M.Ed. Education Administration program and administrative licensure program. It’s designed to provide you with an understanding of changing school district organizations and helps you develop the processes needed to gather, analyze, and use data for ethical and relevant decision making.

A minimum of 60 hours is required for this license.

Licensure Program Benefits

Ashland University’s School Superintendent Licensure program helps you:

  • Acquire a school superintendent's license from a high quality program with personalized attention and flexible course options

  • Get opportunities to learn current theories from professors, many of whom were practicing superintendents, in order to frame and solve real life education problems

  • Make a difference in the lives of children

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