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How Online Criminal Justice Degrees Are Changing the Playing Field

Do you want to make the world a safer place? Are you ready to start or further your career in criminal justice? A criminal justice degree can help you secure a position in a field where you can truly make a difference. If you have decided it is time to check out criminal justice programs, your first concern may be the time involved to complete the degree requirements and how you will fit that in with your other career and family commitments.

Why An Online Criminal Justice Degree?

Online Criminal Justice Degrees - Police Car

An online criminal justice degree can change the playing field for you and your career. The best criminal justice schools, like Ashland University, offer online programs that provide you with a quality education and the flexibility and convenience you need, to further your career. Online criminal justice degrees are changing the way you learn!

Criminal Justice Facts

Time Magazine reported that violent crime was on the rise in many of the nation’s largest cities in 2016. Major metropolitan areas saw an increase in the number of homicides, robberies and aggravated assaults. A criminal justice degree can help you move towards a career as a police officer or a detective, helping to make the world a safer place. You might also earn a salary of around $60,270 per year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

Flexibility of Online Classes

You may have decided you are ready to pursue a career in police work or another area of criminal justice studies, to make the world a safer place, but you are concerned about requirements to attend classes on the school’s schedule. With online classes, you have the flexibility to complete your coursework after work, on the weekends, or anytime that fits in your schedule.  

Online criminal justice degrees can be completed in a number of areas that align with your career goals, including:

  • Courts and Justice

  • Criminal Investigations

  • Criminal Law

  • Criminal Procedure

  • Criminology

You can decide which area works best for your career goals, and when and where to take the classes to meet the requirements for your chosen area of criminal justice!

Convenience of Online Programs

Ashland University’s Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice is delivered in convenient eight-week sessions, in an interactive environment. So you will enjoy the convenience of shorter classes, but still have interaction with your classmates and your professors. You will also enjoy the convenience of completing the classwork at home, at work, or in your favorite coffee shop! Online classes change the playing field significantly, when you no longer have to drive to a campus, find a parking place, and spend hours in a classroom. Criminal justice classes are 100% online at Ashland University!

New Career Options

Earning Your Online Criminal Justice Degree | Ashland University

Your online criminal justice degree can lead to an exciting new career for you. Students with criminal justice majors secure meaningful positions in federal, state, local, private sector, and correctional occupations. Potential jobs with a criminal justice degree include:

  • Department of Homeland Security (Border Patrol, Customs)

  • Secret Service Officer and Secret Service Investigator

  • Federal Air Marshal

  • State Highway Patrol or State Police

  • College Security

  • State Parole Officer

  • Private Detective

  • Security Patrol Officer

Ashland University is changing the playing field, as one of the top online colleges for criminal justice. To learn more about the online Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice program, contact us at grad-admissions@ashland.edu or 419.289.5738.


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