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Learn the Pros and Cons of Online Nursing Study – Is It for You?

Nursing Online Study Programs | RN to BSN

Studying nursing online sounds like the perfect solution for the busy working professional who wants to earn a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree. After all, when you study nursing online, you have the opportunity to do it from the convenience of your home on your schedule. You can pursue an online degree as part of the RN to BSN program at Ashland University, a quality program designed for busy people who do not have time to sit in a classroom. Before deciding if you want to study a bachelor of nursing online, though, consider these pros and cons. Then you can choose if online nursing study is right for you.

Online Nursing Study Programs

Learn the Pros and Cons to Online Nursing Study – Is It for You?


Studying online offers you flexibility, but that much flexibility will mean that you will need the self-discipline necessary to be able to complete your nursing studies online. Without a structured classroom schedule, you will be responsible for making sure you have enough time to read through the class materials and for completing your assignments on time.

Limited personal interactions

A distance learning nursing degree is usually completed on a computer, probably in your home. Your interactions with your professors and your fellow students will also be online, through messaging or online discussions. Of course, some students work more productively when there are no opportunities for side conversations, but others may need that personal interaction throughout the course.

Computer skills

Study access to nursing online means that you should have internet access, a computer, and the skills to use that machine. When everything is completed online, computer skills become essential so that you can turn in your assignments on time.

Prior hands-on experience

When you study nursing online, you do not have access to the hands-on instruction that may happen in a traditional classroom. An online degree is well-suited, though, for those who already have that hands-on experience as well as a nursing license. For Ashland University’s RN to BSN program, students entering the program must hold a current, valid license to practice as a registered nurse in one U.S. state or territory, or be currently enrolled in an RN licensure program, or be a graduate of an RN program and eligible for the NCLEX.


As an online student, you have the independence to be able to study on your schedule, as long as you meet the assignment deadlines and any other time-sensitive requirements of the class. Independent study can also help you develop a sense of responsibility for your learning path.

Cost and time savings

When you study at home, on your schedule, you do not have to spend money on gas to travel to campus and then spend time hunting for a parking space. A scheduled two-hour class may take up three or four hours of your already busy day! You also save time and money when you participate in an online accelerated 2nd degree BSN program such as Ashland University’s accelerated BSN program that is designed for students who already hold a bachelor’s degree in another field from an accredited college or university. Now that you’ve reviewed some of the pros and cons of studying nursing online and have decided it is the right path for you, give us a call at 419-289-5738! We want to help you get started on your online nursing study!