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Rewarding Associate Degree In Business Careers

An associate degree in business can be a quick path to a rewarding business career. In as little as two years, you could gain the academic training that employers are seeking for the jobs listed below. Earning an associate’s degree in business administration or an associate's degree in business management could help you save on tuition costs and student loans. Bank Rate recommends that the total cost of your student loans be less than your starting annual salary. 1

Earning Your Degree In Business

An associate's degree in business could serve as a doorway to the following jobs. You may be able to intern at some of the jobs before you graduate.

Office manager

What Kind Of Jobs Can You Get With An Associate Degree in Business

Work as an office manager and you may oversee payroll runs, interview new employees, and organize team building activities. For example, you might coordinate an annual employee appreciation day. You might also meet with hiring managers to discuss annual budgets and review employee overtime.


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Enter the workforce as a supervisor and you can expect to serve as a direct link between employees and management. You will be responsible for communicating work assignments, deadlines, and company policies to people you supervise. Other supervisor duties include approving time off, reprimanding staff, and conducting performance reviews. A business administration associate degree offers employee relations training. This training provides insight into how to handle the previously mentioned sensitive employee discussions.

Sales manager

What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With An Assoviate Degree in Business

Gain marketing, team building, and leadership skills and you could lead a sales force. Sales managers set sales goals. They also analyze sales performance and assign sales associates to specific regions. Fill the sales manager role at an organization and you will determine when sales associates need training. You will also determine the specific type of training that an associate needs.

Administrative assistant

Earning Your Degree in Business Online - Ashland University

Strengthen your communication, organization, and time management skills while taking a business associate degree course and you could excel as an administrative assistant. Administrative assistants manage calendars, make travel arrangements, and handle a variety of administrative duties in an office setting. They also work on projects, lead meetings, and draft internal communications.

Project manager

Project Management Careers - Online Associate Degree in Business

Pursue your passion to lead organizational initiatives from start to finish and you may end up working as a project manager. Responsibilities for project managers include building teams, identifying resources, and setting budgets for projects. Project managers also set timelines for action steps that must be completed.

Human resources specialist

Associate Degree in Business Careers | Online Colleges Ashland University

Step into a human resources specialist role and you could help recruit and onboard new hires. Other human resource functions center on compensation and learning and development. Employee relations and employee recognition are other human resource areas that you could work in with an associate degree in business. You could potentially work in a human resources call center, especially if you have strong generalist skills.


What Kind of Jobs Can You Get With An Associate's Degree in Business

Business associate degree programs provide training in financial management. You learn about financial planning, data analysis, and assets during the programs. The training is used by accountants to prepare financial reports. Accountants also prepare organizations for audits. They also review and track an organization’s financial performance. Major corporations, midsize companies, small businesses, government agencies, and nonprofits lean on the expertise of office managers, administrative specialists, trainers, and accountants. People with an associate degree in business also combine their education and entrepreneurial drive to start their own businesses.

Ashland University Business Administration Degree Program

Ashland University’s Business Administration degree is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs. The business degree is administered through the school’s Dauch College of Business and Economics. 2

After earning a business associate degree from another accredited school, students can transfer into Ashland University's Bachelor of Arts in Business Administration program. Core courses include marketing principles, business law, and financial management. 

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