March 1, 2018 - 3:55pm -- Ashland University

Why Choose Ashland University to Study Corporate & Strategic Communication

A growing focus on corporate responsibility, public safety and preparedness has led to a need for competent communication skills and the growth of Corporate and Strategic Communication. The number of books listed in Google Books related to strategic communication has increased more than 250 percent since 1950. 

Study Corporate & Strategic Communication

  • A curriculum with a strong focus on health and safety, public relations and strategic communication sectors 
  • Communication expertise which will prepare you for a wide range of careers 
  • Dynamic balance of communication theory, research and application
  • Fast 18-month, 30 credit hour program 
  • A completely online degree program 



  • Prerequisites = 3 Classes
  • Core Courses = 5 Classes
  • Health & Risk Track = 4 Classes
  • Public Relations Track = 4 Classes

What You Can Expect From Our Corporate and Strategic Communication Program: 

  • Development of communication-intensive skills that reflect equity and justice and are adaptable to everchanging communications landscape.
  • Opportunity to engage and contribute to the discourse of communication-related issues regarding strategic communications, health care and risk that are being deliberated at local, national and international level. 

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Corporate and Strategic Communication Program