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Online Nurse Educator Programs (Certificate)

Advance your knowledge base and practical experience as you enrich your leadership competencies in our Nurse Educator degree program!

Online Nurse Educator Certificate Program

How can you influence the next generation of nurses?  Do you feel called to share your nursing experiences and expertise with other nurses and nursing students?  Perhaps you are suited for a career in nursing education!

In the practice setting, health care systems employ nurse educators in various capacities where healthcare is delivered and in simulation/technology centers to expand practice experiences and competencies of the nursing workforce.  In pre-licensure nursing education programs, the demand continues for nursing faculty and teaching assistants. According to the Ohio Board of Nursing, Pre-Licensure Nursing Education Programs Summary of Annual Reports (2016), compelling data demonstrates the need for nursing educators: 

  • 762 faculty and teaching assistants anticipate leaving their current positions in pre-licensure registered nursing programs in the next five years
  • 227 faculty and teaching assistants anticipate leaving their current positions in pre-licensure practical nursing programs in the next five years

Student Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of one of the Nurse Educator online programs, the student will be able to:

  1. Exhibit professional, ethical behaviors in the multidimensional role of Nurse Educator.
  2. Facilitate learning using teaching strategies grounded in educational theory and evidenced-based teaching practices based upon the unique learning needs of all learners.
  3. Engage learners, faculty colleagues and clinical agency stakeholders in promoting safe, positive learning environments.
  4. Implement a variety of evidence-based assessment and evaluation strategies to enhance the teaching-learning process.
  5. Collaborate with colleagues to revise or create curriculum based on research, health care trends, learner needs and program outcomes.
  6. Provide leadership for organizational change in the various learning environments of the academic or practice community.
  7. Participate in continuous quality improvement measures in teaching and learning.
  8. Disseminate nursing and teaching knowledge to a wide-range of audiences through a variety of venues.
  9. Advocate for nursing, nursing education and learners through political and institutional learning environments.

Student Learning Outcomes/Program Outcomes based upon the core competencies of Nurse Educators.

Nurse Educator Certificate Program - Sample Online Course Offerings

  • Nurse Educator Role:  the course provides students in the Nurse Educator Certificate Program with the roles and responsibilities of nurse educators in any setting where healthcare is delivered.  The scope of practice for highly qualified nurse educators will be emphasized along with content related to the academic community, diverse learner needs, creating supportive learning environments, leading change and quality improvement measures.  Legal and ethical issues in education will be explored in the context of academic policies.
  • Nursing Curriculum Development and Design: the course provides students in the Post Master's-Nurse Educator Certificate Program with educational principles, theory and research of curriculum development. Specific content will address professional techniques of curriculum development in terms of learning outcomes and competencies. Course will align with the academic setting philosophical framework and external governing agencies standards.
  • Facilitating the Teaching and Learning Process:  the course provides students in the Nurse Educator Certificate Program with information about learning theories and evidence-based teaching strategies.  Content expands upon of the role of the nurse educator as professional advisor and mentor and emphasizes relationship-building required for successful clinical and service learning.  Students will be assigned with a preceptor.

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