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Ashland a 2022 Best College, according to Money’s detailed and practical analysis

Published on May 25, 2022
Ashland University

ASHLAND, Ohio – Ashland University was selected as one of Money’s 2022 Best Colleges, a practical college ranking analysis that was released on May 16. Money’s detailed study sought to determine which four-year colleges in the United States are actually worth their price and resulted in a group of 623 that offer students a quality education at a comparatively affordable price.

Money developed 24 data points to compile its rankings, with those statistical factors broken down into three main categories: quality of education, affordability and outcomes. Quality of education data points included graduation rates, peer quality, student-to-faculty ratio and Pell grant recipient outcomes.

Affordability was calculated using Money’s unique net price of a degree category, which estimates a college’s added value by measuring its performance after adjusting for the economic and academic backgrounds of the students it admits. Other key factors consist of debt upon graduation and ability to repay debt.

Outcomes data included various earnings measured by the U.S. Department of Education’s College Scorecard, such as earnings 10 years after college entry, graduates’ earnings adjusted for majors and employment outcomes. Two new factors within this category are an economic mobility index and return on investment.

Ashland’s cumulative score of 58.10 put it among the top 500 of Money’s 2022 Best Colleges. Of the 20 Ohio schools that were deemed a Best College, Ashland ranked 13th.

“Anytime Ashland University is selected as a top college, it is rewarding and humbling,” stated Amiel Jarstfer, provost of Ashland University. “We’re particularly grateful in this case, as Money presents an analytical study of several of the core values that we aspire to live out every day. Our high-quality, individualized and transformational education at an affordable price shapes students to work, lead and excel in their respective vocations. This ranking, and the data analysis behind it, affirms that Ashland is successfully executing its mission.”

According to Money, one of the key messages behind this year’s rankings “is that a college doesn’t need to be super selective to be a good investment.” Money has a separate list of 48 highly selective colleges (i.e. Ivy League schools, MIT, NYU), and those schools are included in the overall rankings. Money notes the rankings demonstrate that “selectivity doesn’t necessarily guarantee a high return on investment.”

Money was founded in 1972 as a print magazine that helped everyday people live richer lives by learning personal finance strategies that improved their bottom line. Today, it continues to build upon that legacy, proving up-to-date news, educational resources and tools that will help consumers create meaningful investments and lasting returns.

Ashland University is a mid-sized, private university conveniently located a short distance from Akron, Cleveland and Columbus, Ohio. Ashland University ( values the individual student and offers a unique educational experience that combines the challenge of strong applied academic programs with a faculty and staff who build nurturing relationships with their students.