Andrea Carter

Ashland University graduate releases her latest children's book

Published on Feb. 06, 2024
Ashland University

As the eldest of 11 siblings, Andrea Carter embarked on a groundbreaking path as the first in her family to attend college.

The challenges of earning a bachelor's degree seemed daunting, and pursuing a master's felt almost impossible, she said.

However, driven by determination and supported by Ashland University's inclusive atmosphere, she achieved her academic goals, graduating with a Master of Science in Educational Leadership in 2005.

Not stopping there, Carter continued her educational journey, earning an Ed.D. in 2021.

In 2013, she ventured into the world of children's literature, creating the "Pretty Pops Adventures" series.

The latest addition to this series, "Pretty Pops Adventures: David’s Special Star," is set to release on Feb. 7.

“This poignant story revolves around David the dinosaur, a close friend of Pretty Pops, as he navigates the complex emotions of grief following the loss of his father,” said Carter, who dedicated this book to her late siblings and nephews, creating a meaningful tribute through her words.


Pretty Pops Adventures: David's Special Star

Growing up in Gary, Indiana, with a challenging childhood that included the loss of family members, Carter said she found solace in writing.

Through the spirited character of Pretty Pops, Carter says she aims to empower children, offering a source of strength in overcoming challenges.

Ashland University played a pivotal role in Carter's journey, equipping her with solid writing and analytical skills.

These skills not only enriched her teaching career but also laid the foundation for her second career as an author.

“The close-knit community at AU, coupled with mentorship and knowledgeable professors, fostered an environment of collaboration and creativity,” she said.

Carter said she chose AU for its reputation, affordability, location and a perfectly aligned educational leadership program for her aspirations.

The program not only cultivated her leadership skills but fueled her passion for creating positive content for young readers.

Reflecting on her AU experience, Carter expressed gratitude for the support received and looks forward to continuing her journey of inspiring and entertaining young minds.

Working on her fifth book, "Pretty Pops Adventures: Mad Maddie the Moose," Carter said she remains dedicated to bringing joy and inspiration to children through her creative storytelling.

“I’m excited to share this story with readers soon,” she said. “I love the opportunity to inspire and entertain young minds. The creative process of developing characters and stories that resonate with children brings me immense joy.”