overview photo of 2024 Academic Honors Convocation

Student, faculty accomplishments awarded at Academic Honors Convocation April 21

Published on April 26, 2024
Ashland University

ASHLAND, Ohio – About 75 Ashland University students were recognized individually for their academic achievement and two faculty members were honored for their outstanding work at the annual Academic Honors Convocation, held April 21 at the Jack and Deb Miller Chapel.

The purpose of the convocation is to celebrate academic achievement, promote community and recognize sophomores, juniors and seniors with Outstanding Student Awards. The criteria for those awards are scholarly achievement, completion of at least 30 credit hours at AU and a GPA of 3.25 or above, and the honorees are presented by the dean or representative from each college.

The program also revealed the finalists and recipients of the Taylor Excellence in Teaching Award, the university’s most prestigious teaching award, and the Excellence in Scholarship Award, which recognizes AU faculty who have demonstrated outstanding scholarship. To be considered for the Taylor Excellence in Teaching Award, faculty must first be nominated as someone who epitomizes high quality instruction, and then a winner is selected by a committee which reviews the nominees’ teaching evaluations, teaching philosophy statement and letters of support, and conducts unannounced classroom observations of the nominees. The Excellence in Scholarship Award goes to nominated faculty with a record of outstanding scholarship, including but not limited to peer-reviewed articles, conference presentations, book chapters, manuscripts and other creative work. The nominees for this award are reviewed by a committee, which examines the scholarly work of the nominees and then conducts a call with an external expert in the nominees’ field before selecting a winner.

Listed below are the recipients of the academic awards:

Ashland University’s Edward and Louaine Taylor Excellence in Teaching Award:
Timothy Hinkel, assistant professor of accounting

Ashland University’s Excellence in Scholarship Award:
Daniel Hawk, professor of Old Testament and Hebrew

College of Arts and Sciences
Department of Art and Design:
  • Sophomore Award: Grace Stephens
  • Junior Award: Mason Smith
  • Senior Award: Allison Spencer
Department of Biology/Toxicology:
  • Sophomore Award: Jillian Hull
  • Junior Award: Taylor Garver
  • Senior Award: Natalie Babik
Department of Chemistry/Geology/Physics:
  • Sophomore Award: Melanie Eichler
  • Junior Award: Sydney Vu
  • Senior Award: Matthew Roberts
Department of Communication Studies:
  • Sophomore Award: Maksym Polianskyi
  • Junior Award: Michael Walsh
  • Senior Award: Katelynn Meeks
Department of Computer Science:
  • Sophomore Award: Brendan Dee
  • Junior Award: Megan Coon
  • Senior Award: Katrina Rolince
Department of Criminal Justice and Sociology:
  • Sophomore Award: Landen Gooley
  • Junior Award: Amanda Deprey
  • Senior Award: Bryn Sobas
Department of History:
  • Sophomore Award: Robert Mouledoux
  • Junior Award: David Maloney
  • Senior Award: Anna Bielawski
Department of Journalism and Digital Media:
  • Sophomore Award: Lauren Gulden
  • Junior Award: Ethan Jenkins
  • Senior Award: Eleanor Lohr
Department of Languages and Literatures:
  • Sophomore Award: Elliote Blake
  • Junior Award: Abbie Higinbotham
  • Senior Award: Hannah Coon
Department of Mathematics:
  • Sophomore Award: Seth Witt
  • Junior Award: Nicholas Toole
  • Senior Award: Joshua Hagan
Department of Music:
  • Sophomore Award: Robert Mouledoux
  • Junior Award: Jacklyn Harris
  • Senior Award: Allison Daugherty
Department of Philosophy:
  • Sophomore Award: Teresa Overholser
  • Junior Award: Micaiah Gerber
  • Senior Award: Emma Heim
Department of Political Science:
  • Sophomore Award: Kara Crum
  • Junior Award: Aidan Nayak
  • Senior Award: Anne Casey
Department of Psychology:
  • Sophomore Award: Hannah McCrea
  • Junior Award: Justin Parks
  • Senior Award: Zoe Webb
Department of Religion:
  • Sophomore Award: Destiny Bittinger
  • Junior Award: Zechariah Van Farowe
  • Senior Award: Anna Bielawski
Department of Social Work:
  • Junior Award: Ryan Bridenthal
  • Senior Award: Grace Mulpas
Department of Theatre:
  • Senior Award: Tobin Grendzynski
Dauch College of Business & Economics
Department of Accounting/Management Information Systems
  • Sophomore Award: Aden Gregory
  • Junior Award: Emily Pate
  • Senior Award: Drew Lind
Department of Economics/Finance/Business Analytics:
  • Sophomore Award: Klaira Paramore
  • Junior Award: Alyson Veverka
  • Senior Award: Hunter Sommers
Department of Management/International Business/Entrepreneurship/Supply Chain Management/Industrial Engineering and Manufacturing Management:
  • Sophomore Award: Ashley Davis
  • Junior Award: Tyler Mast
  • Senior Award: Nikolai Lesnikov
Department of Marketing/Fashion Merchandising/Sport Management:
  • Sophomore Award: Ashley Veldheer
  • Junior Award: Grace Grant
  • Senior Award: Sidney Milliken
Dwight Schar College of Education

Department of Teacher Education:

Intervention Specialist (K-12):
  • Sophomore Award: Zander Graham
  • Junior Award: Kristen Fintz
  • Senior Award: Morgan Yoder
Middle Grades Education:
  • Sophomore Award: Lexie Syroka
  • Junior Award: Brock Weiser
  • Senior Award: Madalynn Aumend
PK-5 Dual Education Program:
  • Sophomore Award: Alexis Crow
  • Junior Award: Danielle Robbins
  • Senior Award: Meghan Witt
Dwight Schar College of Nursing and Health Sciences
Department of Health Sciences:
  • Sophomore Award: Kalissa Funk
  • Junior Award: Sabrina Trapani
  • Senior Award: Zoe Webb
Department of Nursing:
  • Sophomore Award: Alyssa Tomazic
  • Junior Award: Emma Arnold
  • Senior Award: Lexi Elliott