Program Overview

The three courses that make up our Occupational Life Calling program meet students where they are rather than telling them where they should be.

In these courses, you go on experiential journeys and conduct self-assessments to discover your strengths and passions. You use your insights to find careers that could be a good fit for you. Then you actually try on those vocations by entering into immersive internships, job shadowing and other types of interactions with professionals.

In addition, you gain the job-seeking skills you will need to successfully embark on the career path you choose. These courses are in high demand and continually receive high satisfaction ratings!

Student talking with Dr. Pittenger at Career Day

A Closer Look at the Courses

Endowments That Support These Courses

We are fortunate to be able to support students in the Occupational Life Calling program with grants from two generous endowments.