Ashland University owns several properties we rent on a long-term basis to AU faculty and staff, students and Ashland Theological Seminary students.

Some students are eligible for exclusive properties through Ashland University Auxiliary Services. To help our AU students find affordable housing close to campus, we offer a variety of rental housing options:

  • Single Rooms: You have your own room but share a bathroom and common areas.
  • Double Rooms:You share a bedroom with a person of the same gender and also share a bathroom and common areas.
  • Studio Apartments/Premium Housing: A single bedroom apartment with a private bath, kitchen and common space for the exclusive use of the single tenant.


If you’re interested in renting or learning more about off-campus student housing and its availability, please download and complete our Housing Information Form with your basic demographic information and housing preferences. We will do our best to meet your housing needs.

Applying to Live Off Campus

All full-time undergraduate students (registered for 12 or more hours per semester) at Ashland University are required to live on campus. A student who meets at least one of the housing exemptions may apply for off-campus housing by submitting an off-campus housing application through the Office of Residence Life.

Housing Assignment Changes

Prior to your move-in, Auxiliary Services reserves the right to change your proposed housing assignment to one that’s as similar as possible, should the need arise. You will be notified immediately if a change must occur.

Contact Information

Shared Living Rental Properties


Our properties are rented on either semester-long or dual semester leases. All housing requires a $1,000 refundable deposit, which is refundable on the condition that there is no damage to the premises nor outstanding balance on your account. Pricing is as follows:

One Semester Contract

  Air Conditioning No Air Conditioning
Single Room $2,800 $2,200
Double Room* $2,300 $1,750


Two Semester Contract (Fall and Spring Only)

  Air Conditioning No Air Conditioning
Single Room $5,000 $3,800
Double Room* $4,050 $2,950


Three Semester Contract

  Air Conditioning No Air Conditioning
Single Room $7,200 $5,500
Double Room* $5,850 $4,200

*To rent both halves of a double room, you will be required to pay a $800 buyout fee per semester.

Studio Apartment Housing

One Semester $3,000
Two Semesters $5,500
Three Semesters $7,700

Other Properties for Rent

Pricing for these properties varies. Contact Stephanie Argo at for more information.