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In this online program you’ll get a general education and learn the business fundamentals you need for a position in government or another industry. You’ll even gain hands-on experience in applying business principles and problem-solving strategies to real-life scenarios. What’s more, once you have completed the coursework, you’ll have fulfilled more than half the requirements necessary to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Business! 


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Learning Experiences

Ashland University will work with you to fit your schedule; we offer flexible course options so you can successfully complete your associate degree.

How to Know If This Program Is Right for You

This program is ideal for anyone interested in business who has constraints or concerns such as: 

  • A full-time job or other commitments that prevent you from pursuing a degree full time 
  • Financial commitments you have to meet before paying for your education 
  • Worrying that without more education you’ll be stuck in a low-paying job
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Sample Curriculum

View the Academic Catalog for complete degree requirements.

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Robert Stoll
Robert Stoll, Ph.D.
Chair, Management, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship Departments, Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management
206 Richard E. and Sandra J. Dauch College of Business and Economics