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Early Childhood Education Generalist Endorsement Program Overview

The Early Childhood Education Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement, when attached to an Early Childhood license, equips educators with the necessary skills to teach in grades 4-5. This endorsement program offers a comprehensive curriculum covering essential topics such as middle grades teaching methods, reading and writing strategies, field experience and specialized subject areas like history and mathematics. Through a combination of coursework and practical experience, students gain a deep understanding of effective teaching practices tailored to the unique developmental needs of students in the upper elementary grades. With guidance from education advisors, students can navigate the requirements of this endorsement to enhance their teaching credentials and expand their career opportunities in elementary education.

NOTE: The new primary grades license is PreK to 5th grade, so this endorsement only applies at the post-bachelor's level to teachers with a PreK to 3rd grade license.

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How Do I Know if This Program Is Right for Me?

Determining if the Early Childhood Education Generalist (Grades 4-5) Endorsement is right for you involves considering your passion for teaching in the upper elementary grades and your readiness to expand your teaching credentials. If you have a strong interest in working with students in grades 4-5 and are eager to deepen your understanding of middle grades teaching methods, literacy strategies and subject-specific content, then this endorsement could be a valuable addition to your professional portfolio. Additionally, if you aspire to create impactful learning experiences tailored to the developmental needs of older elementary students, pursuing this endorsement may align with your career goals in elementary education.

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For additional information about the Early Childhood Education Generalist Endorsement curriculum, view the Academic Catalog.

Course Credit Hours Prerequisites
EDCI 234 Middle Grades: Teaching 3 EDFN 130
EDCI 312 Teaching Reading & Writing Methods For Middle Grades & Secondary Students 3 EDEC 140/540, 262/515 Middle Grades Only
EDCI 236 Mid. Grades Field Exp. I 1 Concurrent with EDCI 232/234
HIST 239 History of Ohio 3 None
MATH 218 Geometry for Middle Grades 3 MATH 217
Total 13  
Licensure Disclosure: This program is for students who intend to seek employment in Ohio and only prepares students for licensure in the state of Ohio.

Can You Give Me a Glimpse of My Future?

Equipped with specialized training in middle grades teaching methods, literacy instruction and subject-specific content, you'll empower your students to thrive academically and socially during this critical stage of their educational journey.

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Stephen Denney
Stephen Denney, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Teacher Education
Associate Professor of Education
123 Dwight Schar College of Education