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Economics Program Overview

At Ashland University, our economics majors stand apart from the crowd because they truly understand and work within economic realities and markets every day. As an economics major, you’ll learn micro, macro and international economics. You’ll predict consumer, company and country behavior with sophisticated techniques. You’ll also do original research in real-time on real-world events, both independently and alongside your professors. So you’ll get the foundational skills you need to pursue a career in public administration, government finance, market analysis or corporate planning.

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In Person

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4 years


How Do I Know if This Program Is Right for Me?

This program is ideal for anyone who:

  • Takes satisfaction from problem solving.
  • Likes predicting future trends.
  • Has good communication skills.
  • Enjoys the processes of analyzing and evaluating.
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Learning Experiences

You can look forward to: 

  • The ability to mesh your interests across the business, political and legal spectrums.
  • Small classes in which you get individual attention from your professors.
  • Experienced faculty dedicated to your success.
  • Opportunities to do original research on real-world events and topics.
  • Training in how to use analytics to reach data-driven decisions and conclusions.
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Sample Curriculum

The courses provided in this program evolve as the global environment evolves to ensure that you gain an understanding of current trends, technology and economic theory.

For additional information about the Economics curriculum, view the Four-Year Curriculum Guide and Academic Catalog.

Can You Give Me a Glimpse of My Future?

Embarking on a B.S.B.A. in Economics sets you on a trajectory toward a future where you'll delve into the complexities of global markets, analyze economic trends and contribute to informed decision-making in various sectors. Whether you're forecasting financial trends, advising on international policies or strategizing sales initiatives, your expertise in economics will be invaluable in shaping organizational strategies and navigating dynamic economic landscapes.

Contact Information

Jeffrey Russell
Jeffrey Russell, Ph.D.
Chair, Economics, Finance, Business Analytics  Departments
Associate Professor of Economics
201 Dauch College of Business and Economics