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When you study Integrated Mathematics Education at Ashland University, you won’t memorize formulas and regurgitate them onto a chalkboard. Rather, you will develop logic, understanding and communication skills that let you share your insights with students. You can obtain a well-rounded education to prepare you for a rewarding career as a secondary math teacher.

Mathematics student teacher

Learning Experiences

When you major in Integrated Mathematics Education, you can expect to dedicate half of your coursework to the field of mathematics and half to the art of teaching in the classroom. As you learn to apply mathematical concepts, you will enter the classroom to observe and assist. Your experience and involvement will grow each year, ultimately leading to hands-on student teaching during your senior year.

In addition, you will:

  • Learn from an invaluable combination of professors from math and education, each one an exceptionally gifted educator and professional
  • Use a wide range of computer applications to aid you in classroom assignments and problem solving
  • Be a member of the Mathematical Association of America, with opportunities to present research at conferences and to participate in math contests
  • Attend professional development workshops for middle grade and high school mathematics teachers
Mathematics student teacher

Employers of Recent Graduates

  • Megan Icenhour, ‘22 - Math teacher at Ashland High School
  • Emma Jenkins, ‘22 - Math teacher at Pioneer Career and Tech Center
  • Logan Hurst, ‘21 - Math teacher at Bellevue High School

Contact Information

Chris Swanson
Christopher Swanson, Ph.D.
Chair, Mathematics and Computer Science Department; Professor of Mathematics
209 Patterson Instructional Technology Center