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Marketing Program Overview

Do You Want an Edge in the Job Marketplace?

As a marketing major, you’ll gain a unique advantage over classmates who choose other majors. By the time you graduate, you’ll be able to build your own brand and market yourself effectively to potential employers.

You’ll also gain skills that will always be crucial to a company’s success. That’s job security. And the jobs in this field tend to pay well.

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4 years


How Do I Know if This Program Is Right for Me?

Marketing is one of those career fields that allows you to tap into many different interests — creative writing, acting, psychology, analyzing data and statistics and even playing team sports — yes, “playing.” So, if having multiple interests has made it hard for you to choose a major, marketing could be perfect.

Want to be more certain? Consider how you’d answer these questions:

  • Can you see yourself enjoying the teamwork involved in creating a clever commercial?
  • Are you intrigued by the idea of shaping people’s behavior or understanding what motivates them?
  • Do you enjoy testing hypotheses or synthesizing data to find interesting trends or statistics?
  • Would you like to know some of the tactics marketers use to manipulate you?
  • Do you have a great product or service you’d like to market yourself or do you suspect you’d enjoy developing new products?
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Why Choose Ashland University?

Ashland University marketing courses don’t just prepare you for the real world, they put you into the real world so you’re ready to be of value to any company as soon as you graduate.

Here’s how:

  • We keep class sizes small so you get individualized attention from professors who have real-world experience in the field.
  • You test the theories you learn by applying them in print, digital and audio-visual mediums.
  • You tackle exciting internships at big and small companies to gain practical experience and professional connections.

And you start networking while you’re still in school by participating in organizations such as the American Marketing Association (AMA).

Students talking in International Business class

Sample Curriculum

For additional information about the Marketing curriculum, view the Four-Year Curriculum Guide and Academic Catalog.

What Your Future Could Hold as an Ashland University Marketing Graduate

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Diane Moretz
Diane Moretz, MBA
Chair, Marketing, Fashion Merchandising and Sport Management Departments
Assistant Professor of Marketing
238 Dauch College of Business and Economics