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Online Teaching & Instructional Technology Minor Overview

This minor, totaling 12 credit hours, caters to students seeking a comprehensive grasp of online teaching and learning methodologies, as well as those aiming to build a solid foundation in designing, developing and deploying technology-based educational tools. From multimedia creation to web-based material development and utilization of advanced instructional technologies like social networking, this program offers a diverse skill set. Whether interested in enhancing online teaching proficiency or delving into innovative instructional strategies, this minor provides invaluable insights and practical expertise in the ever-evolving landscape of digital education.

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This minor in Online Teaching & Instructional Technology comprises three required courses:

  • Instructional Design & Educational Tech for Teaming
  • Instructional Design & Online Interaction
  • Online Assessment & Learning Management Systems

These courses provide a comprehensive understanding of instructional design, online interaction and assessment strategies in digital learning environments. Additionally, students choose one elective course from a selection covering topics such as educational intervention, social media impact or psychology, allowing for a tailored learning experience aligned with individual interests and career goals.

For additional information about the Online Teaching & Instructional Technology minor, view the Academic Catalog.


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