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Organizational Leadership and Development Program Overview

This degree will give you the credentials to advance your career in any company or industry or to move your career in a new direction. The program offers a great opportunity to study with your peers: adults with substantial work experience. Not only will you learn from professors and curriculum, but also from the students’ real-world perspectives. You have the flexibility to learn online from any location at your convenience.

  • You may be able to receive credit for life and work experience through a Prior Learning Assessment Portfolio. You may also be able to receive transfer credit for previous college courses.
  • Save more with a special reduced tuition rate.
  • All courses are completely online.
  • You’ll have support every step of the way with professors, advisors and tutoring.
  • You will be connected to a community of peers in numerous organizations and industries.
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4 years


This program emphasizes:

  • Understanding organizational systems.
  • Models of effective leadership across a variety of professional contexts.
  • Organizational continuous quality improvement methods.
  • Knowledge and skills appropriate for professionals in organizational, industrial and institutional leadership.
Students in Life Skills class

How Do I Know if This Program Is Right for Me?

To determine if a Bachelor of Science in Organizational Leadership and Development is right for you, consider if you enjoy leading and motivating others, have an interest in understanding organizational dynamics and change management, and possess strong communication and problem-solving skills. Additionally, if you aspire to advance your career in leadership roles within various industries, this program may align with your goals.

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The curriculum focuses on:
  • The nature and characteristics of leadership across a range of professions and contexts.
  • Using work and life experiences as examples to analyze information on leadership and determine effective practices.
  • Critical thinking skills that translate to real-world problem-solving. 
  • Organizational development and change models.
  • Research methodology for understanding, objectively processing and predicting human behavior, social affairs and business applications.

This degree has a total of 120 credit hours, with requirements in three categories: core curriculum, major and minor.

For additional information about the Organizational Leadership and Development curriculum, view the Four-Year Curriculum Guide and Academic Catalog.

Core Curriculum
Course # Title Credit Hours
ORGLD 101 Introduction to Leadership for the Adult Learner 3
ORGLD 301 Methods of Teaching Adults 3
ORGLD 305 Multicultural Perspectives on Adulthood 3
ORGLD 307 Program Planning for Adult Service Agencies 3
ORGLD 403 Assessment of Workforce Development 3
ORGLD 405 Designing Adult Learning 3
ORGLD 406 System Theory and Human Capability 3
ORGLD 412 Organizational Development and Change 3
ORGLD 415 Social Science Research Skills for Organizational Leaders 3
ORGLD 418 Ethical Leadership in Workplace Training 3
ORGLD 430 Capstone in Organizational Leadership and Development 3

Can You Give Me a Glimpse of My Future?

Whether you aspire to lead teams, drive organizational change, or cultivate a positive work culture, this degree equips you with the skills and knowledge to thrive in leadership positions and make a meaningful impact on the success of organizations.

What our students are saying

Michaelangelo Aranda

When it came time to return to school, Ashland University came highly recommended for its amazing Organizational Leadership program. The online coursework has allowed me to balance my personal, work and academic life on my own time. The program is so immersive that I'm able to use skills, tools and lessons I am learning in real-time to enhance my role. I'm grateful for the staff and their ability to connect with the students.

- Michaelangelo Aranda

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Robert Stoll
Robert Stoll, Ph.D.
Chair, Management, International Business, Supply Chain Management, Entrepreneurship Departments, Associate Professor of Operations and Supply Chain Management
206 Dauch College of Business and Economics