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Spanish Minor

With nearly 500 million native speakers in at least 21 countries, Spanish is the fourth most common language worldwide in various regions throughout Latin America, Europe and Africa. In the United States, el español is the second most common language within a dynamic, growing population. Exposure to the Spanish language, while also learning about Hispanic cultures and civilizations, is a fascinating and life-changing opportunity.

The Department of Languages and Literatures offers Spanish courses that count toward core curriculum requirements and a minor in Spanish. Courses are taught primarily in Spanish and aim to strengthen the four communication skills of speaking, listening, reading and writing, while also promoting cultural competence.

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How to Know If This Minor is Right For You

Students minoring in Spanish increase their career opportunities, especially in the areas of business, healthcare, education, translation and interpretation, diplomacy and government and international nonprofit agencies.

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The minor begins with intermediate-level language courses, building upon foundational skills in grammar, vocabulary and communication. Students then advance to upper-level Spanish courses, delving into literature, culture and linguistics, where they explore topics such as Hispanic civilization, literature, film, and sociolinguistics. With a total of 15 credit hours, including three courses at the 300-level or above, students develop proficiency in Spanish language and cultural competency, preparing them for a range of professional opportunities in fields such as education, business, international relations and more.

For more information about the curriculum, view the Academic Catalog and Foreign Language Course Rotation.

What Our Students Say

Mailiis Simovart

“Being in the Spanish Minor program at Ashland has provided me with a great opportunity to improve my Spanish language skills and learn about Hispanic history and culture. I am very passionate about language learning and how it will make me a better job candidate and communicator. I love when my Spanish skills come in handy when I am traveling; recently I was in Laredo, Texas for a golf tournament, and I used my Spanish more than I ever have! You never know when you will need it.”

- Mailiis Simovart, Accounting major, Spanish minor

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