Religion Minor

The Religion Minor is designed to fit into your schedule whatever your major and interests. Only requiring four classes, it is your opportunity to ask the big questions and learn more about your own faith and what others believe.


Ethics Minor

Offered as a partnership between Religion and Philosophy, everyone can benefit from a minor in Ethics. Are you interested in studying the difference between right and wrong and considering the reasons why people make these judgments? This minor will help you develop critical thinking skills that will set you up for good and ethical decision-making in your future career.

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Christian Ministry Minor

Do you want to acquire essential skills for Christian ministry? Are you interested in going deeper in your understanding of your faith and want to be equipped to serve others but you don’t have enough space left in your schedule to be a religion major? Then the minor in Christian ministry is for you.

You will take classes in three key areas: studying the Bible, exploring the history of theological thought and church practices and applying theories and practices in the real world. You can even be involved in a ministry internship for course credit.

If the minor in Christian ministry sounds like something you’ve been looking for then you will also be interested in the Pre-Seminary Group.

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