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Group Exercise

We are offering virtual Group X classes through Zoom and will be posting short workouts on social media. 

Group X Schedule:  




Zoom Link



HIIT w/Kori



Yoga w/Sam



Zumba w/Sam



HIIT w/Kori



Zumba w/Sam



Yoga w/Sam

Classes will begin Monday, April 6 & end Friday, May 8.

Facebook: AU Rec Services / Instagram: aurecservices / Twitter: @AURecServices / YouTube: AURecServices

Participation in "virtual" or "online" group exercises presents unique risks, particularly if the participant is alone and not under the typical monitoring of an instructor or classmates, as would be present in typical in-person classes.  Understand these risks before participation.


Have fun. Workout. Get fit!

About the Program 

  • Group X offers approximately 15-20 group exercise classes each semester with over 3,000 participants annually.
  • Classes are free to all Ashland University Rec Center members and is located in our 30-person aerobics studio and other areas throughout the building.
  • Certified group exercise instructors and other highly-trained staff serve as the instructors for the Group X classes.  
  • Incentive programs are held each semester so you can get rewarded for working out!

Personal Trainer

  • The goal of the Personal Training program is to assist participants in achieving individual physical fitness goals while working with a certified professional to achieve their fitness goals. 
  • Our trainers will work with you to establish and achieve your own set of personal fitness goals through a workout program designed specifically for you. 
  • Trainers will challenge, motivate and monitor your progress though one-on-one workout sessions.  
  • Sign up for a Personal Training session in the main office at the Rec Center.

Are you a certified Personal Trainer?

Currently Accepted Certifications include - ACSM, NASM, AFAA

Please contact for employment information.

Individual Personal Training Session Pricing

The more sessions you purchase, the less you will pay per session.

(All Personal Training sessions include a FREE fitness assessment) 


Services Student Rate Member Rate
Fitness Assesment ONLY $12 $12
1 Instructional Session $28 $30
5 Personal Training Sessions $105 $115
10 Personal Training Sessions $200 $220
15 Personal Training Sessions $285 $315
30 Personal Training Sessions $540 $600

Buddy Training Session Prices

Two People

5 Personal Training Sessions: $62
10 Personal Training Sessions: $115
15 Personal Training Sessions: $165
30 Personal Training Sessions: $320

5 Personal Training Sessions: $110
10 Personal Training Sessions: $180
15 Personal Training Sessions: $240
30 Personal Training Sessions: $420

Three People

5 Personal Training Sessions: $52
10 Personal Training Sessions: $90
15 Personal Training Sessions: $130
30 Personal Training Sessions: $250

5 Personal Training Sessions: $85
10 Personal Training Sessions: $160
15 Personal Training Sessions: $210
30 Personal Training Sessions: $360

Work out with a friend or another person with similar fitness goals. All individuals participating must be at the same fitness level.

Personal Training Policies and Procedures
  • All personal training sessions will be conducted by our certified personal trainer, holding current and accredited certification.
  • All clients must be 16 years of age or older. Clients under 18 must have parental consent.
  • Individual and buddy personal training sessions are offered.
  • All sessions have an expiration date from the date of purchase:
    • Fitness Assesment/ 1 Session-1 Month
    • 5 Sessions-2 Months
    • 10 Sessions-4 Months
    • 15 Sessions-6 Months
    • 30 Sessions-1 Year
  • If the sessions are not completed before the expiration period, the client will forfeit the remaining sessions, which are non-refundable.
  • Clients must have membership throughout the duration of the personal training program.
  • Potential clients must complete the registration process and pay in full to the Recreational Services Office during regular office  hours (8am-5pm) before any personal training sessions will be scheduled.
  • Recreational Services reserves the right to request a physician's clearance form if necessary.
  • Recreational Services will contact the personal trainer to inform them of the completed registration.
  • The personal trainer will contact the client to schedule a fitness assessment, which will take place prior to any instructional session. The fitness assessment appointment will be a time to discuss any questions that the client or personal trainer may have and will include a health history consultation and physical fitness assessment.
  • The client and personal trainer will meet at the mutually agreed upon space and time. 
  • All sessions following the the fitness assessment will be based on client-trainer agreement.
  • The client should make every effort to arrive 5-10 minutes early to their scheduled session. Clients that arrive late will forfeit the late time. Clients more than 15 minutes late will forfeit the session completely. Any forfeited time is non-refundable.
  • Clients needing to cancel a session must contact the personal trainer at least 24 hours in advance. Clients are expected to communicate with the personal trainer to reschedule that appointment. 
  • Recreational Services reserves the right to adjust the personal training schedule under any circumstnaces. The client will be notified by telephone under such circumstance.
  • A safe and effective personalized program will be developed to meet the client's health wellness goals. The program will be monitored and modified based on the client's changing needs.
  • Individuals participating in buddy training sessions are expected to be a similar fitness level.
Personal Training FAQs


  • Clients should wear comfortable athletic attire during all personal training sessions, including the fitness assessment.


  • Payment must be made in full at the time of registration.
  • Payment of cash, check, credit card, or Eagle Dollars is accepted.


  • Our personal trainer will contact the client to schedule their fitness assessment, which will take place before any instructional sessions are scheduled.
  • All sessions following the fitness assessment will be scheduled based on client-trainer agreement.
  • Sessions will not be scheduled through the Recreational Services Office.

What is the goal of the personal training program?

  • The overall goal of the personal training program is to assist participants in achieving physical fitness benefits effectively. To achieve this goal, the following objectives are set. Our personal trainer will work with you to: 
    • Obective 1: Set clear and realistic physical fitness goals, using the guidelines set by the American College of Sports Medicine and the American Heart Association.
      • How fitness goals will be achieved
      • Amount of work needed to reach goals
    • Objective 2: Recommend and instruct proper exercise techniques.
      • Teach safe and effective use of equipment to avoid injury
      • Teach proper body mechanics
      • Teach and provide exercises that suit fitness needs

What to expect in each session:

  • Fitness Assessment: A time for client and trainer questions and measuring the client's physical fitness level.
  • Instructional Session: Learn how to set physical fitness goals, identify components of total fitness including muscular strength, flexibility, and cardiovascular conditioning, and be taught safe and effective ways to use basic fitness equipment.
  • Five or More Personal Training Sessions: To improve knowledge in specific movements to target a healthy body and also by referring to objective 1 and 2 above.
Registering For Personal Training

Personal Training Registration Packet

Complete the Personal Training Registration Packet, then print for submission.

Drop off the packet and payment to the Recreational Services Main Office.

Physician Clearance Form

The Physician Clearance Form may be requested by the personal trainer or Recreational Services, if deemed necessary.


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