Study Away/Abroad

Studying in a new place helps students gain an understanding of other regions, countries, languages and cultures. AU students have opportunities for educational travel in the U.S. and abroad, from 10-day faculty-led group tours to academic-year independent travel study.

To learn more, visit and use the interactive world map to search programs by country and review the list below.

Photo of Nuremberg, Germany

Study Abroad Opportunities

  • Pre-Approved Programs (Semester/Academic Year/Summer) - Ashland University has pre-approved programs in more than 38 countries. You receive credit for courses taken abroad that advance your AU academic program. For a list of AU-approved programs, visit the Abroad Office online at
  • Japan Exchange Program (Semester/Academic Year)] - Spend a semester or academic year studying in Japan at our partner university for the same tuition cost as AU. Major/minor courses and core courses are pre-approved.
  • AU in Germany - You will take two core courses taught by AU faculty and travel within Germany. You start with one week in Ashland and then travel with faculty members to Wittenberg, Germany for three weeks.
  • COBE in China - The College of Business and Economics (COBE) offers the opportunity to spend four weeks in China, learning basic Chinese language and taking two business courses.
  • Faculty-Led Tours (1-3 Weeks) - Each year, Ashland University coordinates faculty-led tours to locations all over the world. You will accompany one or more faculty members as they explore a focused topic, using  the destination as the classroom.
  • Student Teaching Abroad (7 Weeks) - The College of Education offers pre-service teachers the opportunity to complete student teaching requirements abroad.You will be assigned to a school that uses English as the language of instruction. International locations include Australia, Bahamas, China, Costa Rica, Ecuador, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, South Africa and Spain.