Ashland University Tuition Relief Scholarship

Ashland University Announces Tuition Relief Scholarship for Incoming Fall 2021 Students

February 15, 2021

First-time, full-time students who enroll at Ashland University this fall will have a unique opportunity to make use of a “2-for-1” Tuition Relief Scholarship.

Thanks to the generosity of AU’s trustees, first-time students who complete fall term with a GPA of 2.0 or better will automatically receive the “2-for-1” scholarship which will cover any remaining tuition expenses for the Spring 2022 semester.

“This scholarship is available to all first-time, full-time students living on campus for the Fall 2021 semester,” said University President Dr. Carlos Campo. “Ashland University is dedicated to providing financial help for any individual who wants to invest in a college education but may not be able to enroll because of financial limitations. Our goal is to close the financial gap and, in honoring our promise to offer an affordable education to all students, ensure that those who want to attend Ashland have that opportunity to do so. If you want to go to Ashland University, we are committed to making it happen.”

Aligned with Ashland University’s commitment to affordability, additional scholarship opportunities for the 2021-2022 academic year are also available for students who do not qualify for the Tuition Relief Scholarship.

The COVID-19 crisis has placed a significant burden on students and parents as they prepare to transition to college life, especially in financial terms. The Tuition Relief Scholarship was designed to ease the financial burden of incoming students and help jump start their academic careers with a strong financial incentive.

“While COVID-19 has made life more complicated for both parents and students,” said Campo, “this scholarship is powerful and simple: enroll this fall and pay your first semester's tuition, and Ashland picks up the tuition bill for your next semester.”

The initiative behind creating the trustee-funded Tuition Relief Scholarship stems directly from The Ashland Promise, a statement of Ashland University’s core promises to its students in alignment with its long-held dedication to “Accent on the Individual.” Among its commitments that include mentorship opportunities, transformative life experiences within a culture of respect, and ongoing support for each student’s success even after graduation, The Ashland Promise pledges continued access to an affordable education. The Tuition Relief Scholarship, funded entirely by the university’s trustees, is designed to be another example of that commitment to each student who attends Ashland University. Additional scholarship opportunities for the 2021-2022 academic year are available for non-residential, non-traditional as well as currently enrolled students.