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Posner studies zebrafish

Posner receives grant from National Eye Institute to continue lens research

ASHLAND, Ohio – Mason Posner, Ph.D., the Trustees’ Distinguished Professor of Biology at Ashland University, recently secured a $300,000 grant from the National Eye Institute of the National Institutes of Health to advance his ongoing research on eye lens development. This latest study will center on cell remodeling, eye lens transparency and cataract prevention. The project will use zebrafish, small tropical fish that build their lens in a similar way to…

Ashland University graduate Savannah O'Bell and AU Biology Professor Soren Brauner

Biology Professor Soren Brauner part of milkweed study with other institutions of higher learning

One of the things Soren Brauner enjoys about his job as a biology professor at Ashland University is collaborating on projects with other professors. “That is a lot of fun,” said Brauner, Ph.D., who teaches genetics and botany. “I like working with other people. “Science is mostly a collaborative enterprise these days,” he added. “There are not too many people just working by themselves. You get to bounce ideas off people and people have different strengths…


Students, alumni showcase their varied interests and scholarly work during URCA Symposium

Tiffany Sims enjoyed combining three of her interests into one presentation. Jacob Owens liked sharing about a business he hopes to start. And Phillip Wages loved giving back to his alma mater. Those were just a few of the many reasons about 40 students and a couple of alumni from Ashland University’s College of Arts and Sciences presented their scholarly work at the 14th annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URCA) Symposium on Tuesday, April…

Nicole Harriott

’99 AU grad: Journey to new drug discovery started at Ashland

Nicole Harriott ’99 didn’t have a career in mind when she came to Ashland University. That didn’t change after four years at AU. It took until graduate school to finally realize the kind of job she wanted. “I just want to reassure you: if you don’t know what you exactly want to do, that’s OK,” she told students in the audience during a presentation she gave Friday, Oct. 21, at her alma mater. “As long as you follow your passions along the way, you will find…

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