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Ashland University graduate Savannah O'Bell and AU Biology Professor Soren Brauner

Biology Professor Soren Brauner part of milkweed study with other institutions of higher learning

One of the things Soren Brauner enjoys about his job as a biology professor at Ashland University is collaborating on projects with other professors.

“That is a lot of fun,” said Brauner, Ph.D., who teaches genetics and botany. “I like working with other people.

“Science is mostly a collaborative enterprise these days,” he added. “There are not too many people just working by themselves. You get to bounce ideas off people and people have…


Students, alumni showcase their varied interests and scholarly work during URCA Symposium

Tiffany Sims enjoyed combining three of her interests into one presentation.

Jacob Owens liked sharing about a business he hopes to start.

And Phillip Wages loved giving back to his alma mater.

Those were just a few of the many reasons about 40 students and a couple of alumni from Ashland University’s College of Arts and Sciences presented their scholarly work at the 14th annual Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity (URCA)…

Nicole Harriott

’99 AU grad: Journey to new drug discovery started at Ashland

Nicole Harriott ’99 didn’t have a career in mind when she came to Ashland University.

That didn’t change after four years at AU.

It took until graduate school to finally realize the kind of job she wanted.

“I just want to reassure you: if you don’t know what you exactly want to do, that’s OK,” she told
students in the audience during a presentation she gave Friday, Oct. 21, at her alma mater. “As long as
you follow your…

Zebrafish with no blood cells

What Can a Zebrafish with No Blood Cells Tell Us about Blindness?

3/12/19 ASHLAND, Ohio - An Ashland University biology professor and his team of undergraduate students have asked how a type of zebrafish, used for years to study the cardiovascular system, develops eye lens cataracts, a disease that continues to be the greatest source of human blindness worldwide. 

While previous work suggested that these zebrafish produced less of one crucial lens protein, triggering cloudiness in their lenses,…

AU students researching water at the Blackfork Wetlands

Ashland University Students Testing the Waters

4/11/18 ASHLAND, Ohio – Ashland University students and faculty are involved in Ashland University’s Water Quality (AUWQua) Monitoring Program where student-led field teams collect water from pre-determined sampling sites for testing. The students involved in the research with faculty member Dr. Jenna Dolhi, visiting assistant professor of Biology, are senior Natalie Kracker, senior Elizabeth Takacs, junior Alexis Lough, junior Alexis Flagg, sophomore Maria…

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