About the Library

Welcome to AU Library!  This page features a general overview of Ashland University Library. Explore the about menu for additional resources and be sure to visit AU Library FAQs, our searchable knowledge base.


Location & Parking

Ashland University Library, the tallest building on campus, is located at the west end of College Avenue. Click these links for directions to Ashland University and a map of the campus.


Library Liaisons

Do you know which librarian to contact with requests for library purchases? View the list of liaison librarians and the academic departments they serve.


Government Documents: Depository Library

Ashland University has been an Ohio State and Federal depository library since 1938. Paper government documents are located on the west side of the Library's main floor (at the end of the reference collection). Most depository paper documents have been replaced with online access.  The Library Catalog includes records for the many depository government documents available online as well as records for the remaining paper documents.


Computers in AU Library

Computers are located on each floor of AU Library. With the exception of the second floor and Instructional Resource Center, all computers print to the main floor printers.


Study Rooms

Study rooms are available on the second, fourth, and fifth floors. To reserve a study room, ask at the main desk.

  • Study rooms have a time limit of three hours.
  • Users exceeding the three hour limit may be asked to vacate.
  • Users are reminded not to leave unattended items in study rooms.
  • AU Library is not responsible for personal items and belongings left unattended in study rooms.


After-hours Book Return

An exterior book return is located on the Library building's west side (adjacent to the Chapel) immediately to the left of the service entrance door. Larger items, such as IRC kits and big books, must be returned at the circulation desk on the library main floor.


Student Employment

Looking for a job in the Library? Student employment openings are posted through the Financial Aid office website.