Library History & Auriculum


Ashland University Library: Facts & Info


AU Library
  • Construction of the library began in June 1970 and was completed in 1971.
  • Library doors opened for service in January 1972. ("AC students," 1972)
  • Approximate building expenses ranged was $2-2.5 million. ("AC students," 1972)
  • AU library is 75,500 square feet and able to house 300,000 volumes. ("Kresege donates," 1970)
  • Initial student surveys, compiled by Ashland College Student Senate, were not overwhelmingly in support of proposed security systems. ("Take theft," 1972).
  • Window placement controls interior lighting and building temperatures. ("Kresege donates," 1970)
  • In 1972, there were 165,000 volumes in the library collection. ("AC students," 1972)
  • The Library Instruction Classroom was completed in September 2001.


Library Sculpture:  Auriculum I


  • "Auriculum I" was commissioned, designed and constructed by John Clague. ("John Clague," 1977)
  • It is "a composite of auriculum and pendulum for its sound and motion features." ("John Clague," 1977)
  • It was constructed with 1,600 pounds of stainless steel, is 20 feet tall and took over two months to polish its four 12 foot legs. ("John Clague," 1977)
  • It consists of two independent pendulums and is often activated by wind. ("John Clague," 1977)
  • It was funded by a government grant for fine arts. ("Ashland College," 1973)
  • It was erected in March 1973. ("Ashland College," 1973)
  • A plaque is located on the library building, directly behind the sculpture.
  • Did you know? There is a second auriculum sculpture on campus, located on the second floor of the student center.





Special thanks to David Roepke, Ashland University Archives, Sue Ellen Ronk, and Judi Humphrey, Ashland University Library.