Connecting from Off Campus

If you are working off campus, it is necessary to authenticate before viewing database and e-book resources. These items are provided to users via AU Library and our membership in the OhioLINK consortium.  As such, they available only to current AU students, faculty, and staff. Below are a few tips to help you troubleshoot common connection issues. 



AU Library Web Site, Library Guides, & Library FAQs 

Nothing more than Internet access is needed to view the Library's web site. If part/all of the site won't display, there may be a temporary problem with the Library's server or with your Internet connection. If you continue to get a "cannot display" or other error message, clear the browser's cache of cookies and temporary Internet files. If doing so makes no difference, or if you are unsure how to execute this procedure, contact Ashland University Library for help.


Requesting from OhioLINK

When requesting materials from the OhioLINK library catalog, your browser may display pop-up security messages when you navigate from screen to screen. This is normal, and it is safe to proceed.

OhioLINK's request form requires authentication. You will need to provide your first and last name plus your seven-digit Ashland University ID number (without any prefix). Do not use your Ashland University username or computer login password.

If you receive a message regarding an invalid ID number or problem with your library record, contact the Ashland University Library.


Connecting to Databases from AU Library Web Site

When you select a database link from the library web site or Library Guides, you will be directed to authenticate. Complete the form by providing your Ashland University username and password.  This is the same login as used for Blackboard or WebAdvisor.

Authentication can fail for various reasons. Here are some ways to troubleshoot the problem:

  • If you receive a message regarding an invalid user name or password, try a second time. (You may have mistyped information.) If the problem persists, contact Ashland University Library so we can check your library record. If your library record is verified as current and complete, you can try clearing your browser's history, cookies, and temporary Internet files before trying again to access the database.
  • Test your access to other Ashland University Library databases. If you can successfully access other databases then the problem is likely to be the particular database (as opposed to a problem with your computer's access). Such problems are usually corrected within a day. Please contact Ashland University Library if the database continues to be inaccessible.
  • Try a different web browser (ex. Mozilla / Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari). If your access to the database succeeds in the alternative browser then clearing the original browser's cache of cookies and temporary Internet files should resove the problem.
  • Try enabling cookies and pop-ups or lowering your browser's security setting.
  • Keep in mind that if you are trying to access databases from your office or school (place of work), firewalls may be problematic.

If none of these approaches succeeds, try accessing the database on a different computer at a different location. If you can successfully access the database at the alternate location then the access problem likely derives from a technical issue related to either your computer or your computer's Internet connection (ex. firewall protection).

Contact the Library if you need assistance

The reference librarians will be happy to help you by e-mail, phone, or text: