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In the last ten years, Ashland University has sent over 1,500 students to 38 locations on every continent except Antarctica. We encourage students to study abroad because they gain more than just a unique educational experience. They're stepping into the larger world around them, testing classroom theories, using language and communication skills and immersing themselves in an entirely different culture.

Here are some more great benefits of studying abroad:

Curriculum enhancement
Students study subjects that are not available at Ashland University and take classes they wouldn't normally find at an American university.

Increased Marketability
The Study Abroad Office partners with the Career Services Center to help students monopolize a return on their investment. Study abroad returnees are equipped to use their international experience on their resume, in the cover letter and during interviews. Across fields, alumni have reported that their global education experience immediately moved them to the top of the applicant pool.

Personal growth
When students step outside of their comfort zone, they have to learn to adapt to their surroundings and think on their feet. This makes students more confident, mature, and independent and enhances problem solving and communication skills.

Preparation for a global career
No matter where a student ends up working when they graduate, there will be a time when they have to interact with people from another country or culture. Studying abroad prepares them for that. Students who are more culturally aware and have experience working with diverse groups will be more appealing to future employers.

Expanded worldview
Students learn more about their home country while studying abroad and come to understand their country's place in the world and their own place as individuals.

Living and Learning
The concepts that students learn in the classroom can be immediately applied in the streets of the host country. Students get to live what they learn.

Once-in-a-lifetime opportunity
After students graduate and enter the workforce full-time, it is unlikely that they will have the opportunity to live abroad for long periods of time. They may have opportunities to travel abroad as a tourist, but it will be harder to get the immersion experience that one gets from studying abroad for months at a time.


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