Child & Family Studies Minor

The interdisciplinary minor in Child and Family Studies is designed to increase understanding of human development, the interrelationships among family members, and the reciprocal influence of the family and society at large. Knowledge about families and working with families has emerged as a critical area of concern for health, social service and education professionals. Students can tailor the curriculum to reflect their interests and career goals, thereby adding value to their majors and increasing career and graduate study options.



Course Number Title Hrs. 
Parent-Child Relationships 3
Human Behavior & the Social Environment I 3
SOC 340
Marriage & Family Relationships 3
Choose Six
(6) Credit Hours of the Following:
SOCWK 305 Family Violence (3)
SOCWK 323 Later Adulthood in the Family Context (3)
SOCWK 350 Death & Dying (3)
PSYC 218 Adolescent Psychology (3)
PSYC 264 Child Development (3)
SOC 355 Human Sexuality (3)
Total Hours: 15

Major's Department

Reach your goals with a career in social work.

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