We offer bachelor’s degree programs in criminal justice and homeland security. Both are offered in an online or on-campus format. If you’re interested in making the world a safer place, one of these programs might be right for you.

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A Few Classes Could Change Your Job Prospects

Substance use is a problem for all industries and businesses. In your career, you may encounter someone who is struggling with addiction. Be a step ahead in your field and learn proven treatment practices. Ashland University’s addictions counseling programs focus on preparing you for work that involves people suffering from substance use disorders and their affected families.

We offer education at several levels: an associate degree, a minor paired with another bachelor's degree major and credentialing/licensure in Ohio for addictions counseling. Popular majors that complement addictions counseling include criminal justice, nursing, psychology and social work.

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Anne Strouth, M.S.
Program Director, Online Criminal Justice and Homeland Security Programs
249 College of Education

Laura Fisher
On-Campus Criminal Justice Program
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