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Designed to be a one-year certificate program, the Criminal Justice Administration Certificate focuses on leadership and decision-making as it relates to the agencies within the criminal justice fields, as well as program and policy development skills required of contemporary criminal justice administrators. The certificate is a five-course online program that provides both current and prospective criminal justice professionals with the administrative and management preparation to advance their careers into administrative roles. The certificate is also designed for professionals who are contemplating a career change to the criminal justice sector and who need the skills and knowledge to make a successful transition.

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1 year


How Do I Know if This Program Is Right for Me?

This program is designed for individuals seeking to advance their knowledge and expertise in criminal justice leadership, management and administration. If you are passionate about promoting justice, improving public safety and exploring administrative roles within the criminal justice system, this certificate can provide you with the specialized training and credentials needed to excel in your career. With a curriculum focused on topics such as organizational behavior, policy analysis and strategic planning, this program equips graduates with the skills to lead effectively and drive positive change within criminal justice agencies and related fields.

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For additional information about the Criminal Justice Administration Certificate curriculum, view the Academic Catalog.

Course  Title Credit Hours
CJ520 Seminar in Criminology (Fall) Session B 3
CJ530 Critical Issues in Criminal Justice (Fall) Session A 3
CJ510 Constitutional and Legal Issues in Criminal Justice (Spring) Session A 3
CJ540 Ethics and Justice (Spring) Session B 3
CJ560 Criminal Justice Policy (Summer) Session B 3
  TOTAL 15

Can You Give Me a Glimpse of My Future?

Graduates may pursue leadership roles within law enforcement agencies, correctional facilities, court systems, or governmental organizations. Additionally, this credential opens pathways to advancement, allowing graduates to make significant contributions to improving the efficiency, effectiveness and fairness of criminal justice administration.

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