Explore the inner workings of the world with us! All of Ashland University’s Chemistry programs provide unique scientific experiences, close faculty and student interactions and hands-on experience with modern equipment.

We also offer courses in physics and astronomy!

In our courses, majors and minors, you will:

  • Work side-by side with experts, both in the laboratory and field
  • Gain hands-on experience with the latest equipment and instrumentation
  • Prepare for a career in industry, government or education or graduate-level education
Student performing an experiement in chemistry lab while instructor supervises


Choose Ohio First

Choose Ohio First - Ashland University has been awarded a grant from the state of Ohio to provide Choose Ohio First Scholarships to outstanding students with interests in the natural and physical sciences. These scholarships support academically strong students who plan to continue to graduate school, health-related professional programs or employment in STEM industries after completing a bachelor’s degree.


Other scholarships available:

Contact Information

Corbin, Rebecca
Rebecca Corbin, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Chemistry, Geology and Physics; Professor of Chemistry
423 Kettering Science Center